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Regus at a glance
We are the world’s largest provider of flexible workplaces. This document outlines what we do, where we do it and who we do it for. Find out more about Regus at
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Regus Products and Services Brochure 2010
Regus - supporting you however you want to work
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People Power: Business across the globe to employ more staff to accelerate growth
The Regus Business Tracker - Edition 3 - reveals that companies all over the world are planning to increase headcounts as a way of accelerating growth. Find out more about Regus:
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VWork: Measuring the benefits of agility at work
This report identifies the three Vs: Virtual, adVantage and Value that will define the benefits of agile working as it emerges over the next decade. As the concept of ‘virtuality’ gains ground, monetizing agility and creating a robust business case for changing the way we work will become essential. Winning strategies at work is all about success. And this success is for both employer and employee as the concept of VWork delivers dividends in a number of areas. Find out more about Regus: View the VWork launch presentation: It was given at WorkTech New York on May 18, 2011 by Bob Gaudreau, Executive Vice-President Sales & Marketing at Regus.
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Flexible Working Goes Global
A research report assessing businesses' take up and attitudes towards flexible working. Find out about Regus:
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Mothers Day?
A study of trends in hiring working mothers across the globe. Find out more about Regus:
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Gearing for Growth
The Regus Business Confidence Index 4th Edition is the result of independent research with 17,000 business professionals in 80 countries.
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Corporate Real Estate Impact on Enterprise Success
This research explores the relationship between the perceived maturity and capability of Corporate Real Estate (CRE) practices and the economic performance of business enterprises. It focuses on Fortune 500-sized organisations.
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Green Shoots Only?
The pace of green business investment and what needs to be done to accelerate it
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Up Or Out: Next Moves For The Modern Expatriate
Sponsored by Regus, Up Or Out: Next Moves For The Modern Expatriate is an Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) report. In researching this report, we conducted a survey in July 2010 of 418 executives who were either currently or recently in expatriate assignments, or had responsibility for them. The surveyed executives were based in 77 different countries; 31% were in North America, 29% in Asia-Pacific, 23% in western Europe. Over half were board level or C-suite; the rest were in senior management roles, in a wide range of functions, covering 19 industries. Almost two fifths (39%) worked in companies with annual global revenues below $500m and 28% in companies above $10bn. In addition, we conducted in depth interviews with 10 company executives, academics and consultants with expertise in the field. The report was written by David Bolchover and edited by Paul Lewis. We would like to thank all those who participated in the survey and the interviews for their time and insights.
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