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Redlands Magazine Winter 2010-2011
Welcome to the holidays! This issue of Redlands Magazine should be arriving around town on Nov. 22, just a few days before we all turn our focus to shopping, seasonal celebrations and, in the spirit of goodwill, helping those in need. Along with our regular features, we look at the importance of shopping at local businesses whenever possible because money spent in Redlands helps the people of Redlands. Of course, knowing the importance of community and helping out seem to be everyday activities in Redlands — as was readily apparent as we took stock of events around town. From Bonne Meres’ efforts and the Police Department’s Christmas Block Party to the tree lighting at the Kimberly Crest House & Gardens and the Feast of Lights at U of R, Redlands really gets in the spirit. But that comes as no surprise, that’s Redlands all year round.
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Redlands Magazine Spring 2010
Spring is almost here and there is so much to do in Redlands. In this issue of Redlands Magazine we feature the Run Through Redlands and four student athletes "who charge through long workouts for that fleeting moment of athletic glory". The Redlands Bicycle Classic is coming to town March 25-28. Check out the 8-page Special Section. Lauren McSherry profiles author Anne Rice. The Mission Inn is a divine setting for her latest thriller, "Angel Time". Want to know why Friday nights are getting a lot livelier? Check out our Street Scene. And discover some the best burgers in town along with Hangar 24's unique craft beer creations.
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Redlands Magazine Fall 2010
In this issue of Redlands Magazine, we invite you to savor the tradition of hometown music be it classical or jazz with the Redlands Symphony and Hip Pocket, to taste the bounty of the sea at Ocean Blue, to support work in the community to help others through organizations like Redlands Family Service Association, to cherish the next generation as it learns and grows at the University of Redlands and to try something new, perhaps dance or even yoga.
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Redlands Magazine
Inside this issue, we invite you to catch up with the Moore Middle School Band, take in the embrace of the holidays by the Redlands downtown area, stop in at Peek Inside and The Frugal Frigate, enjoy Martha Green’s cookies as well as the fare at Joe Greensleeves. And, with the assistance of Shelli Stockton and Carolyn Whetzel, we are delighted to include highlights from the Redlands YMCACA Home Tour program in our magazine. A few more notes: our writer Carla Sanders offers up a Christmas story to share with your children or grandchildren, and, when you get your 2012 calendars, be sure put a Save the Date note on April 14. That’s the when the Rotary Club of Redlands hosts its Red Wine & Blues event; more information at But for now, happy holidays!
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Redlands Magazine Fall 2009
Redlands Magazine is a lifestyle magazine that is distributed in the Redlands Daily Facts and the San Bernardino Sun and local businesses in the cities of Highland, Yucaipa, Redlands, Loma Linda, Grand Terrace, San Bernardino and Colton
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Redlands Magazine Spring 2011
This is a community-based magazine for the city of Redlands, California and the surrounding area.
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Redlands Magazine March 17, 2012
The Redlands Bicycle Classic criterium route is a quick spin around town from the Cafe Royale on Cajon Street. I asked Scott Welsh if someone connected with the Classic might want to take a few turns with me as a backgrounder for this year’s preview. President Dan Rendler and race director Eric Reiser and his wife, Jennifer, were kind enough to oblige, and along with Scott they pulled on their riding gear for a Classic tour, up close and personal. Scott serves as marketing director for the Classic and, along with Dan, Eric and Jennifer, is an avid cyclist.
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Redlands Magazine Summer 2010
You can never go home again. That’s the expression, a wistful provocation of faded memories, the loss of innocence and the passage of time, all rolled into a tidy package. But, honestly, it’s bunk. Total and absolute bunk. One only needs to walk along Orange Street and Redlands Boulevard, or wander through the A.K. Smiley Library, the grounds at Kimberly Crest or listen to music at the Redlands Bowl or Sylvan Park on the Fourth of July to know the real truth of it. You can go home. With this summer season, we celebrate the home of our hearts with the traditions of community: musical performances, patriotic high notes, the chords of young performers and the return of a favorite son, Landon Donovan. Nights of John Philip Sousa, evenings at the Bowl, walks in the park — that’s what summer and home are all about. Thank goodness, you can go home — don’t let anyone say it’s not so.
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Redlands Magazine Winter 2009
Redlands Magazine features the beautiful city of Reldnads California and the surrounding cities of East Highland, Yucaipa and Loma Linda
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Redlands Magazine
Lifestyle Magazine featuring the Redlands community including Highlands, Yucaipa and the Loma Linda Cities.
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