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Effect of Acacia gum on blood pressure in rats with adenine-induced chronic

Keywords: Gum arabic Adenine Chronic renal failure Rats Blood pressure Lisinopril Please cite this article in press as: Ali, B.H., et al., Effect of Acacia gum on blood pressure in rats with adenine-induced chronic renal failure. Phytomedicine (2011), doi:10.1016/j.phymed.2011.03.005 Twenty-four male Wistar rats, initially weighing 150–155 g, were obtained from our University Animal House and were housed Methods j ourna l ho mepage: www.elsevier.de/phymed Introduction Animals
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History of Pet Rats

Jack Black, Jimmy Shaw, and the First Pet Rats
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Management Of Rats & Pests Of Sugarcane, SBI

Management Of Rats & Pests Of Sugarcane, SBI
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Protective Effects of Solanum Macrocarpon Against Air Pollution-induced Oxidative Stress in Rats

http://www.seipub.org Our study investigated the potential ability of Solanum macrocarpon, used as nutritional supplements, in alleviating toxicity induced by urban air pollution exposure. Male albino Wistar rats were exposed for 63 days either to urban air pollution without treatment (A); oral supplementation with Solanum macrocarpon given at 36 and 75 mg/kg body weight (BW), representing C and D respectively and exposed to air pollution.
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Comparative protective effect of N-acetyl cysteine and tetramethylpyrazine in rats with

ABSTRACT: Gentamicin (GM) is used against serious and life-threatening infections, but its use is limited by the occurrence of nephrotoxicity, which involves the generation of free radicals. In this work we tested the effect of a compound with antioxidant properties, tertamethylpyrazine (TMP), a major constituent of the Chinese medicinal plant Lingusticum wallichi, on GMinduced nephrotoxicity, and compared it with an established anti-oxidant compound N-acetyl cysteine (NAC). Six groups of rats were studied: (1) control, treated orally (p.o.) and intraperitoneally (i.p.) with saline; (2) treated i.p. with GM (80mg kg–1 per day for 6 days); (3) TMP, given p.o. (100 mg kg–1 per day for 10 days) + GM (same dose as above during the last 6 days); (4) NAC, given i.p. (500 mg kg–1 per day for 10 days) + GM as above; (5) TMP (100 mg kg–1 per day for 10 days) + saline; (6) NAC (500 mg kg–1 per day for 10 days) + saline.
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Zafirlukast Pocket Delivery Impairs the Capsule Healing Around Textured Implants in Rats

Artigo publicado na Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (2009) 33.90-97 DOI 10.1007/s00266-008-9245-4
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Osmotic behaviour of erythrocyte from alloxanized rats simulating diabetes mellitus

Bioved 1992, 2 (1), 121-122 DK. Gupta, F. Ahmad, M. Suhail Department of Biochemistry & Home Science, University of Allahabad, India
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Bamboo Rats

Bamboo rats raised in Guizhou, China for their meat as a delicacy and for their furs.
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Rats in a Sack!

Rats in a Sack!
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What You Can Do To Prevent & Control Rats

An informative brochure to aid residential control of rats.
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