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Introduction To Rally Obedience

Join in a great new sport with your dog
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dogsportmag.eu: Oct/Nov 2012

In this issue : József Zsíros Skyhoundz World Champion , Line Fatland Frøystad Obedience , AWC 2012 : Silvia Trkman , Zsuzsa Veres , Tobias Wüst , Olga Nylec rally Obedience in Poland , Šedivackův long 2013 , Canicross ,Bikejoring , Igor Tracz , Nikolas Imiołczyk , Agnieszka Jarecka , Adam Kratky....
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dogsportmag.eu : Special Christmas Issue 2011

A special gift to all readers ,a digital magazine ,a collection of photos and interviews with a result of 100 pages! A very interesting issue , also becouse is the first try for us. in this 1st issue: reviving the 2011 photo galleries interview with Matteo Gaddoni interview with Silvia Furtwangler dog sports in Sicily with Antonio Rappazzo interview with Mark Douglas interview with Niina-Liina Linna interview with Tereza Kralova
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3Q 2012 TMB Full Version

Basenji magazine covering news about the breed around the world
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The Stafford Knot Jan/Feb2012, Issue 1, Vol 3

The Stafford Knot is an independent publication and not affiliated with any specific breed club. TSK is a collaborative effort from like minded Stafford enthusiasts whose common goal is to support the health testing of purebred Staffords. We reserve the right to approve or disapprove any material submitted. All material on this site is copyright protected & cannot be used unless indicated without the written consent of The Stafford Knot Thank you.
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ProvocationsSpiritual Writings of Søren Kierkegaard

Divided into six sections, Provocations contains a little of everything from Kierkegaard's prodigious output, including his wryly humorous attacks on what he calls the "mediocre shell" of conventional Christianity, his brilliantly pithy parables, his amazing insights on the human condition, and his incisive attempts to dig through the fluff of theological jargon and clear a way for the basics: decisiveness, obedience, passion, and recognition of the truth.
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Pooch Scoop August 2012

The Springwood District Dog Club's monthly newsletter; August edition.
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Alaska Dog News January 2011

News, events, and information about companion dogs in Alaska
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The Seven Lamps of Architecture John Ruskin 1849

John Ruskin (1819-1900) English author and art critic and one of the major figures of the Victorian age, for over fifty years of his life wrote consistently and persistently on art,architectureand society .The man who has been credited for bringing the 'hoi polloi' closer to art. He would embrace and develop Pugin's ideas that 'the buildings and art of a people are the expression of their religion, their morality and social habits' and supported that art should be perceived within its social and political context and not separate form it. Ruskin essentially preached that the built environment of a society is a direct result of that societie's zeitgeist.
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Spring 2013 DCA Newsletter

The digital version of the Spring 2013 Newsletter
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Digital publication details: 84 pages.
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