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GlobalLogic and Rofous Software Join Forces

GlobalLogic,a leader in software R&D services, today announced that it has acquired Rofous Software, a product and content engineering company with offices in Milpitas, California; Redmond, Washington; and Hyderabad, India. Rofous Software’s client base includes industry leaders such as LinkedIn and Stryker. The partnership will expand GlobalLogic’s footprint in India and help extend its leadership position by adding content engineering to its expanding portfolio of software R&D service offerings.
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Product Engineering Services and Its Features

Today, the product leadership is generally defined on the basis of how fast a quality product or good can be launched at less expense. Organizations have been compelled to innovate on such products and goods and simultaneously on the technology that helps in minimizing the expense of the product development cycle.
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Benefits Of Connex 3D Printer

Check here more benefits of connex 3D printer and all about connex 3D printer - www.3dscanningservices.net
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SaaS applications and its implications in 2011

Software as a service (SaaS) within the enterprise application software market is a huge market. In fact last year it hovered around the figure of $9.2 billion. Gartner predicts an amazing growth for SaaS this year of garnering revenues of a whopping amount of $10.7 billion, a more than 15% jump from the figures of last year.
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GlobalLogic and Avid Technology to Expand Product Engineering Lab in Kyiv, Ukraine

The leader in software R&D services, announced today that Avid Technology (NASDAQ: AVID) plans to expand the company’s current R&D Lab in Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine. This expansion builds on Avid Technology’s successful partnership with GlobalLogic in Kyiv for the past three years.
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Projects Impulso Industrial Alternativo

IMPULSE is a professional services firm of Engineering, Architecture and Consulting which operates nationally and internationally, and in various sectors and activities: industry, services, civil engineering, environment, industrial buildings, technological centers, Business Plans , R + D + i. The assistance provided by the business sector includes, inter alia, the preparation, management and monitoring of plans and investment projects and the projects and plans for R & D + i for the measurement of the company, in short making the Engineering and Consulting Strategic necessary to demand the company today. PULSE has experience in architectural design and engineering of unique buildings and technology centers in various parts of Spain, applying the latest technologies in design and calculation aimed at energy efficiency in these buildings. It offers its customers, public and private, comprehensive assistance.
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e-Government Implementation and Leadership - the Brunei Case Study

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Looking for affluent CAD Services and BIM Services outsourcing firm? - Tesla Outsourcing Services

Tesla Outsourcing Services is the ultimate destination for CAD Services and BIM Services requirements including CAD Drafting Services, 3D Modeling Services, 3D Rendering Services, Architectural Modeling, MEP Services, Construction Drawings, and Structural Engineering Services to clients across US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Middle East Countries.
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GlobalLogic Appoints Accomplished Technology Executive Mike DeVries as Chief Marketing Officer

GlobalLogic, the leader in software R&D services, today announced it has appointed Mike DeVries as chief marketing officer. An accomplished technology executive with more than 25 years of marketing and business development experience, DeVries will further build the GlobalLogic brand as a global leader in software R&D services.
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Middle Management Knowledge by Possession and Position: A Panoptic Examination of Individual...

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