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Wired.com Teen Solves Quantum Entanglement Problem for Fun

Copyright Wired.com, Published June 4th, 2012, Author Cade Metz Ari Dyckovsky, teenage genius, solves quantum entanglement problem for fun, helping forward the scientific study of quantum computing.
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entanglement ( personas / metaconstructs )

fluid, fractal and holographic experiential interface for creative explorations of interplay and ambience between organisms and environments fluid framework defining constraints of unintentionality. help activate awareness of entanglement. the deep level interplay of realities and their patterns. fluid / fractal / holographic.
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Gravity as entanglement, and enanglement as gravity

The philosophical conclusions from the unification of gravity and entanglement
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The Theory of Quantum Measure and Probability

Notes for "dummies" (philosophers) about "quantum gravity" writen down by another dummy (philosopher)
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Vasil Penchev. Cyclic Mechanics: The Principle of Cyclicity

A new, namely cyclic mechanics is introduced to unify quantum mechanics and general relativity
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Documento sobre la fisica teorica de transportacion de materia
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Teleporation Physics Study

Air Force Research Laboratory (AFMC)
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The presentation of cyclic mechanics

This is the presentation of the principle of czclicity
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On Quantum Computers and Artificial Neural Networks

http://www.seipub.org Quantum computer science in combination with paradigms from computational neuroscience, specifically those from the field of artificial neural networks, seems to be promising for providing an outlook on a possible future of artificial intelligence.
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Decoding Reality by Vlakto Vedral

The Universe as Quantum Information
Uploaded by repik on 06/13/2010
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