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Quality Management Systems

What you need to know about QMS and The Principles and Purpose of ISO9000
Uploaded by jamesbowie on 08/04/2012
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Auburn Technical Assistance Center project success story on Seoil-America of Tallassee, Ala. attaining ISO 9001-2000 quality systems registration.
Uploaded by auburnworks on 08/05/2009
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UNICEF Handbook on Water Quality

This handbook provides an introduction to all aspects of water quality, with a particular focus on the areas most relevant to professionals working in developing countries. It covers the effects of poor water quality, quality monitoring, the protection of water supplies, methods for improving water quality, and building awareness and capacity related to water quality. Finally, the handbook provides an extensive set of links to key water quality references and resources.
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CONNSTEP advantage Vol 2 Issue 1

The CONNSTEP advantage ispublished by CONNSTEP, Inc. For the small to medium size business that wants to remain competitive and grow in local and global markets, CONNSTEP provides technical and business solutions proven to have both immediate and sustainable long-term impact. Unlike other professional consultants that focus only on a single component of your business, CONNSTEP's multidisciplinary team uses a deliberate holistic approach, providing innovative results-driven top line growth solutions that impact the entire organization. Since 1994, nine out of ten CONNSTEP clients have reported increased profitability. In 2011 alone, data provided by an independent survey credited CONNSTEP with impacts of more than $160 million dollars, including new and retained sales, and the creation and retention of nearly 1,600 jobs. Our experience and network of local, state and federal resources, make us not only unique but unequaled in our field and in our state.
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Big Cypress Basin Strategic Plan 2013-2018

This document provides the South Florida Water Management District Big Cypress Basin and the public it serves with the blueprint for successfully meeting the water resource management regional priorities for the next five years....and beyond. With fiscal resources focused on the agency's core mission functions of flood control, water supply, water quality and natural systems, these commitments and strategies will be put into action to help make a difference in South Florida's future.
Uploaded by southfloridawatermanagement on 04/08/2013
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Development of an Interactive Simulation of Steel Cord Manufacturing for Industrial Engineering Edu.

We developed an interactive simulation program to be used in industrial engineering education, based on an earlier simulation study of a steel cord manufacturing plant. In the class project, the students are asked to design strategies/algorithms for finding the optimal values of operational decision variables by using the program.
Uploaded by gurdalertek on 12/09/2006
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Management accounting practices in the UK food and drinks industry

The aim of this study is to explore the current use of management accounting practices (MAPs) in the UK food and drinks industry in order to understand the level of MAP sophistication and the factors that affect implementation of MAPs in the industry. Analysis of the accounting practices used suggests that the management accounting systems employed in many food and drinks companies are not particularly sophisticated. Taking the industry as a whole, there is little evidence of management accounting directly connected with ‘value creation’. There are, however, indications that increased use may be expected of techniques relating to cost of quality information, non-financial measures relating to employees, and analysis of competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.
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The Evaluation of Software Quality Factors in Very Large Information Systems

A quality model links together and defines the various software metrics and measurement techniques that an organisation uses which when measured, the approach taken must be sufficiently general for hybrid hardware and software systems. In this work software quality factors that should be taken into account in very large information systems will be considered. Such systems will require a high degree of parallelism and will involve a large number of processing elements. We start by identifying the metrics and measurement approaches that can be used. Many of the quality factors would be applied in similar way for sequential and paralleldistributed architectures, however a number of factors will be investigated which are relevant to the parallel class. In such a system many elements can fail which can have major impact on the system's performance, and therefore it affects the costbenefit factors. Portability and usability are other major problems that need to be taken into account when...
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The Forgotten Phase of Strategic Project Management

This is a presentation for the 2013 PMI Nashville Symposium. During this presentation Craig will set the stage for the Strategic Project Management track and introduce the audience to the Forgotten Phase of Strategic Project Management. The forgotten phase is before a project begins, where the vision is set and the mission of the project goals are first decided. He will talk about Strategy and his storms of chaos model, Change Management and his butterfly model, his Drivers of Change model, Systems Thinking, and the how the foundational principle of Excellent Management works together to set the stage for project selection.
Uploaded by craigastevens on 03/20/2013
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A Process Capability Approach to Information Systems Effectiveness Evaluation

While defining or measuring the effectiveness of the information systems (IS) function has proven complicated, further effort on refining IS assessment is essential for the effective management and continuous improvement of both the IS function and the organisation. In addition, an effort to investigate the relationships among the established IS assessment tools to better reconcile their existing differences is warranted. This paper aims to clearly differentiate the notions of 'Software' from 'Information Systems'. A new IS assessment model is proposed to provide a more holistic view on how IS quality may be assessed by means of a process capability understanding of evaluating IS effectiveness within the organisational context.
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