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BOOK SIGNING: Quality Management in Construction Projects

Author Abdul Razzak Rumane will be signing his book on Wednesday January 12 at 6:30 p.m. View the invitation for more information.
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DRAFT Water Quality Management Plan

The SEAGO 208 Water Quality Management Plan (SEAGO 208 Plan) establishes strategies and processes to provide regional coordination in developing wastewater treatment facilities and for efforts to protect water quality.
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Power Quality Management

Exclusive Supplement on Power Quality Management
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Knowledge Audit with Intellectual Capital in the Quality Management Process: An Empirical Study...

Most of the intellectual capital (IC) assessment tools are based on a “top-down” approach which does not explore deeply into the particular business process and the specific knowledge needs. Those IC assessment tools generally measure the intellectual capital of an organization as the return on intangible assets covering Human Capital (HC) such as staff skills, innovativeness and work experience, Structural Capital (SC) such as IT systems, documents and patents, and Relational Capital (RC) such as relationship with customers and suppliers. Traditional IC assessment tools with “IC reporting” deliverables aim at identifying useful knowledge that can create wealth for the organization in assessing the performance and value creation process. In contrary, a systematic “knowledge audit” is a process-oriented and stock-taking approach for evaluating the “knowledge healthiness” of an organization from the “bottom-up”. There is potential to merge two methodologies into...
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Building a Customer Requirement Based Supplier Quality Management System

http://www.seipub.org This study utilizes quality function deployment to establish a strategic model that transfers customer requirements for an IC substrate to build action schemes that improve supplier quality management. This study focuses on the transfer of customer requirements of the IC substrate and builds an effective supplier quality-management system.
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Quality Management Systems

What you need to know about QMS and The Principles and Purpose of ISO9000
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What High Quality Client Management Software Can Do For Your Business?

Of course, client management software (CRM) offers so many advantages to every small and large business who applies this automated technology. A high quality CRM application package helps you build and maintain contacts with your clients regularly.
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Digitisation: Quality Management

This document presents guidelines for quality management for digitization projects in the field of medieval manuscripts and other prestigious objects. Based on the comprehensive understanding of quality management in the international standards ISO 9000, 9001, 9004 and 19011, these guidelines are applicable both to in-house digitization and to projects including external service providers.
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THE EIGHT PRINCIPLES OF QUALITY MANAGEMENT - World Meteorological Organization. Published by: WMO, 2013 (2011 edition) This volume provides a comprehensive system of recommended procedures and practices, with regard to quality of data, products and services, that should be used by Members in establishing quality management systems for the provision of meteorological and hydrological services.
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