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Valuing Water Quality Improvement in China.

Valuing Water Quality Improvement in China. A Case Study of Lake Puzhehei in Yunnan Province This paper reports an economic valuation study conducted in Yunnan, China, which aims to estimate the total value of a real investment project to improve the water quality of Lake Puzhehei. Located in Qiubei County, which is far from large cities, the lake has been experiencing fast water quality deterioration in the past years. This study also demonstrates that previous knowledge about water quality changes and the project may have a significant positive impact on people's valuation.
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Energy Management Magazine - The Benefits of Power Quality Improvement

Article by Leon Wasser, MBA, P.Eng. about the benefits of power quality improvement to manufacturers published in Energy Management magazine
Uploaded by leonwasser on 11/30/2008
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An Efficient PMG based Wind Energy ConversionSystem with Power Quality Improvement Features

This paper presents an efficient small scale wind energy conversion system using permanent magnet generators (PMGs) and power electronic converters. In the proposed system, variable magnitude and variable frequency of PMG are converted to constant DC using a full bridge rectifier and closed loop boost converter. This constant DC output is converted to AC using Grid interfacing inverter. The inverter is controlled in such a manner that it can perform as a conventional inverter as well as an active power filter. The inverter can thus be utilized as a power converter injecting power generated from renewable energy source to the grid and as a shunt active power filter to compensate for power quality disturbances and load reactive power demand.
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Quality Engineering and Quality Improvement Paradigm

Quality improvement can be achieved with the help of measurement, analysis, feedback and organizational support. Such structure is called quality improvement paradigm.
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Modeling and simulation of fourteen bus system employingD-STATCOM for power quality improvement

This work deals with modeling and simulation of fourteen bus system employing D-STATCOM for power quality improvement. The improvement in voltage stability with D-STATCOM is presented. A 11 level inverter based DSTATCOM is proposed to reduce the harmonics in the output. Voltages at various buses with and without D-STATCOM are presented. The simulation results are compared with the analytical results.
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Transforming EMRs from Data Repositories to Tools for Quality Improvement

McKesson's Electronic Medical Records help improve the quality of patient care and healthcare services
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Health Literacy Quality Improvement Module for Pediatricians

Find out more about the Center's ABP approved Health Literacy Maintenance of Certification Program for pediatricians.
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Learn SEO rules for quality improvement in web traffic

What you exactly need to do is to know and work out on specified rules of SEO strategically, so that same can implement them successfully.
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Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Improvement Program

The Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Improvement Program funds transportation projects to improve air quality and reduce traffic congestion in areas that do not meet air quality standards. The purpose of this document is to show that bicycle and pedestrian projects are eligible for funding through CMAQ, describe the criteria and process, provide examples of successful projects, and give advice for answering tough questions.
Uploaded by bikeleague on 12/09/2009
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CASE STUDY: Data Quality Continuous Improvement Processes at ABN Amro

Paper presented in the London Data Governance conference on 21st of April 2010 By Theo Kester, DQ Manager ABN AMRO, [email protected] Thibaut De Vylder, CEO Deployments Factory, [email protected]
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