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Quality Control and Total Quality Management

The book has been designed for the interdisciplinary courses on Total Quality Management, Quality Control and Quality Management. This also serves as a sound reference for the core course on Statistical Quality Control. Salient features: covers all essent.
Published by Tata McGraw-Hill Education on 05/01/2001
Book details: 379 pages.

Zero Quality Control

A combination of source inspection and mistake-proofing devices is the only method to get you to zero defects. Shigeo Shingo shows you how this proven system for reducing errors turns out the highest quality products in the shortest period of time. Shingo provides 112 specific examples of poka-yoke development devices on the shop floor, most of them costing less than $100 to implement. He also discusses inspection systems, quality control circles, and the function of management with regard to inspection.
Published by CRC Press on 04/01/1986
Book details: 336 pages.

In-Process Quality Control for Manufacturing

Introduction -- Hardware Integration -- Software Integration -- Integration of Statistical Methods -- Facility Integration -- Summary -- References -- CHAPTER 11: Factory of the Future -- Introduction -- Manufacturing Cells -- Flexible Manufacturing Systems -- Material Handling -- Fault Tolerance -- References -- Index
Published by CRC Press on 02/22/1989
Book details: 296 pages.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control in the Analytical Chemical Laboratory

A Practical Tool for Learning New Methods Quality assurance and measurement uncertainty in analytical laboratories has become increasingly important. To meet increased scrutiny and keep up with new methods, practitioners very often have to rely on self-study. A practical textbook for students and a self-study tool for analytical laboratory employees, Quality Assurance and Quality Control in the Analytical Chemical Laboratory: A Practical Approach defines the tools used in QA/QC, especially the application of statistical tools during analytical data treatment. Unified Coverage of QA in Analytical Chemistry Clearly written and logically organized, this book delineates the concepts of practical QA/QC, taking a generic approach that can be applied to any field of analysis. Using an approach grounded in hands-on experience, the book begins with the theory behind quality control systems and then moves on to discuss examples of tools such as validation parameter measurements, the use of statistical tests, counting the margin of error, and estimating uncertainty. The authors draw on their experience in uncertainty estimation, traceability, reference materials, statistics, proficiency tests, and method validation to provide practical guidance on each step of the process. Extended Coverage of QC/QA in Analytical and Testing Laboratories Presenting guidance on all aspects of QA and measurement results, the book covers QC/QA in a more complex and extended manner than other books on this topic. This range of coverage supplies an integrated view on measures like the use of reference materials and method validation. With worked-out examples and Excel spreadsheets that users can use to try the concepts themselves, the book provides not only know-what but know-how.
Published by CRC Press on 04/19/2016
Book details: 232 pages.

Metrology And Quality Control

MetrologyMeasurements, Errors, Standards, Various precision measuring instruments, Straightness, Flatness, Squareness, Roundness measurement, Angular measurement.Calibration of all measuring instruments.Principles of gauge design - Types of gauges, Taylor's principle of gauge design, Limits, Fits, Tolerances.Comparators - Types and working principle of Mechanical, Pneumatic, Electronic, Optical, Electrical comparators and their applications.Interferometer - Principles, Sources of light, Optical flat, Fringe patterns, Calibration of optical flat and It's applications, Tool maker's microscope, Profile projector.Surface finish measurement - Surface texture terminology measurements of surface roughness and instruments.Machine tool metrology - Alignment test, Performance test of Lathe, Milling and Drilling machine.Metrology of screw thread - Screw thread terminology, Thread gauges, Measurement of thread elements - Floating carriage micrometer.Gear metrology - Gear terminology and its measurement, Measurements of tooth thickness by gear tooth vernier caliper base tangent method, Constant chord method, Span micrometer method, Roller method.Advances in metrology - Coordinate measuring machine, Universal measuring machine, Application of laser in measurement, Meteroscope, Automatic inspection system.Quality ControlConcept of quality - Definations of quality, Dr. Deming and Juran's contributions, Elements / Characteristics of quality, Value of quality, Cost of quatlity, Quality policy, Vision, Mission.Quality control - Definitions, Scope and applications, Quality assurance, Causes of Variation.Statistical quality control - Basic statistics, Mean, Mode, Standard deviation, Frequency distribution, Control chart for variables, Attributes, Process capability.Acceptance sampling - Sampling inspection, Operational characteristics curve, Consumer's risk, Producer's risk, AQL, LTPD, AOQL.Types of sampling plan - Single, Double, Multiple, Sequential sampling plan.Six sigma - Types of defects, DMAC, Six sigma program, Zero defect.Quality standards - ISO 9000 : 2001, TS 16949 (Standard, FMECA (Failure mode effect criticality analysis) FTA (Fault tree analysis)Quality circle - Kaizen practice, Cause and effect diagram, Pareto analysis, Total quality management (TQM)
Author: A.M.Badadhe
Published by Technical Publications on 01/01/2006
Book details: 299 pages.

Quality Assurance

This essential guide has now been fully revised and expanded to take into account the revision of ISO 9001 in 1994. The second edition also addresses the increasing demands, requirements and controls of information transfer, an activity which today is having a great impact on the success of engineering projects. The ISO 9000 series of standards is a formalized quality assurance management system designed to ensure that quality is built into every stage of the activity in hand. Wider application of the same principles across every aspect of a company's activities leads to Total Quality Management. The guidance given is intended to help contracting and operating companies in the chemical process industries, as well as those in the food, drink, pharmaceutical and building industries, as they strive for greater quality and to comply with ever-stricter legislation on safety and the environment.
Published by IChemE on 06/19/1996
Book details: 71 pages.

Fundamentals of Quality Control and Improvement

A statistical approach to the principles of quality control and management Incorporating modern ideas, methods, and philosophies of quality management, Fundamentals of Quality Control and Improvement, Fourth Edition presents a quantitative approach to management-oriented techniques and enforces the integration of statistical concepts into quality assurance methods. Utilizing a sound theoretical foundation and illustrating procedural techniques through real-world examples, the timely new edition bridges the gap between statistical quality control and quality management. Promoting a unique approach, the book focuses on the use of experimental design concepts as well as the Taguchi method for creating product/process designs that successfully incorporate customer needs, improve lead time, and reduce costs. The Fourth Edition of Fundamentals of Quality Control and Improvement also includes: New topical coverage on risk-adjustment, capability indices, model building using regression, and survival analysis Updated examples and exercises that enhance the readers’ understanding of the concepts Discussions on the integration of statistical concepts to decision making in the realm of quality assurance Additional concepts, tools, techniques, and issues in the field of health care and health care quality A unique display and analysis of customer satisfaction data through surveys with strategic implications on decision making, based on the degree of satisfaction and the degree of importance of survey items Fundamentals of Quality Control and Improvement, Fourth Edition is an ideal book for undergraduate and graduate-level courses in management, technology, and engineering. The book also serves as a valuable reference for practitioners and professionals interested in expanding their knowledge of statistical quality control, quality assurance, product/process design, total quality management, and/or Six Sigma training in quality improvement.
Published by John Wiley & Sons on 04/06/2016
Book details: 816 pages.

Statistical Method from the Viewpoint of Quality Control

Important text offers lucid explanation of how to regulate variables and maintain control over statistics in order to achieve quality control over manufactured products, crops and data. First inexpensive paperback edition.
Published by Courier Corporation on 07/31/2012
Book details: 176 pages.

Construction Inspection Handbook

In addition to quality control (QC), this book introduces the concept of quality assurance (QA). Quality assurance has a number of definitions, but in general is the combination of the quality assurance plan with procedures through which the quality control inspector can inspect in the field. The book is arranged in categories so that is can be used in handbook fashion; each section stands independent of the others. The arrangement of the major portion of the book is organized in the same format as we usually find in building construction specification, the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) format.
Published by Springer Science & Business Media on 04/17/2013
Book details: 773 pages.

Manual of Food Quality Control

Published by Food & Agriculture Org. on 06/19/1993
Book details: 126 pages.
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