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UNICEF Handbook on Water Quality

This handbook provides an introduction to all aspects of water quality, with a particular focus on the areas most relevant to professionals working in developing countries. It covers the effects of poor water quality, quality monitoring, the protection of water supplies, methods for improving water quality, and building awareness and capacity related to water quality. Finally, the handbook provides an extensive set of links to key water quality references and resources.
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Monitor Performance - 6 Factors That Affect The Display Quality of CRT and LCD Monitors

Technical criteria that affect the display performance of LCD & CRT monitors.
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BSBAUD501B - Initiate a Quality Audit

This unit standard, BSBAUD501B Initiate a Quality Audit, is about the performance outcomes, skills, and knowledge required to initiate and organise a quality audit with an auditee.
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Clearing the Waters: A focus on Water Quality Solutions

This publication addresses the urgency of controlling pollution and preserving water quality around the world. Water quality impacts human health, water quantity, livelihood, economic activity, and climate change. Emerging contaminants, population growth and urbanization present additional stresses to water quality. This publication quantifies these water-quality related issues and uses case studies to illustrate both problems and solutions.
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Water Quality for Ecosystems and Human Health. 2nd edition

Drawing on examples from around the world, this publication presents assessments of current water quality status and trends. It also provides an introduction to a diverse range of global water quality issues, including approaches to their identification, analysis and resolution.
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Valuing Water Quality Improvement in China.

Valuing Water Quality Improvement in China. A Case Study of Lake Puzhehei in Yunnan Province This paper reports an economic valuation study conducted in Yunnan, China, which aims to estimate the total value of a real investment project to improve the water quality of Lake Puzhehei. Located in Qiubei County, which is far from large cities, the lake has been experiencing fast water quality deterioration in the past years. This study also demonstrates that previous knowledge about water quality changes and the project may have a significant positive impact on people's valuation.
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Global Drinking Water Quality Index Development and Sensitivity Analysis Report

This document outlines an approach taken to develop a global water quality index, as well as preliminary sensitivity analysis and validation of the index against real water quality data. Limitations to the index are discussed, as well as next steps.
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High Quality Audio Cables

Nordost is a US based manufacturer and distributor of high and Excellent quality audio and video cables. They target a discerning audio for whom quality is key.log on :-http://www.nordost.com/
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The Evaluation of Software Quality Factors in Very Large Information Systems

A quality model links together and defines the various software metrics and measurement techniques that an organisation uses which when measured, the approach taken must be sufficiently general for hybrid hardware and software systems. In this work software quality factors that should be taken into account in very large information systems will be considered. Such systems will require a high degree of parallelism and will involve a large number of processing elements. We start by identifying the metrics and measurement approaches that can be used. Many of the quality factors would be applied in similar way for sequential and paralleldistributed architectures, however a number of factors will be investigated which are relevant to the parallel class. In such a system many elements can fail which can have major impact on the system's performance, and therefore it affects the costbenefit factors. Portability and usability are other major problems that need to be taken into account when...
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Quality of Life Public Comment Report

The is the public comment report on the Quality of Life report.
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