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Public Sector Efficiency- A Need to Evolve the Public Sector
The advancements in media, information technology and globalization have not impacted the public sector as much as it should have. Developments in these fields have shown that public sector of any country has a huge potential to evolve and grow. With its hypercompetitive global commerce and financial interdependence, this sector is an important part of the overall global community.
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Marketing in the Public Sector
Marketing in the public sector may be the final frontier. Agencies operating in the public domain can use a custom blend of the four Ps—product (or service), place, price, and promotion—as well as other marketing techniques to transform their communications with stakeholders, improve their performance, and demonstrate a positive return on the resources they are endowed with.
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Public Sector Magazine Winter 2011
Irish Public Sector Magazine Winter 2011
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The Public Sector Magazine
The Public Sector Magazine issue Sept 2012
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Public Sector Pensions - The UK's second national debt
By Neil Record and James Mackenzie Smith. Edited by Lawrence Kay A new report from Policy Exchange today reveals the true extent of the public sector pension debt, which until now has been kept hidden and out of official figures. The cost of these schemes is much larger even the publicly acknowledged national debt. Taken into account with net public sector debt, this second national debt brings the total the Government owes to £1.854 trillion, or 150 per cent of GDP.
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Evaluation and Assessment of Editable Signatures for Trusted and Reliable Public Sector Data
Abstract: Due to the increased application of information and communication technologies in the public sector, the amount of data being produced and processed by the public sector has been constantly growing during the past years. As these data can also b e useful for the general public and the corporate sector, current initiatives attempt to make these data publicly available. Recent work on this topic has shown that publishing of public sector data potentially raises several issues regarding data integri ty and authenticity. These issues render the implementation of solutions based on trusted and reliable public sector data difficult. However, recent work has proposed electronic signatures in general and editable electronic signatures in particular as ade quate means to address these issues. While a variety of editable signature schemes has been introduced in literature, their capabilities to assure the integrity and authenticity of published public sector data has not been...
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Innovation in the Public Sector
Innovation is something that is new, capable of being implemented, and has a beneficial impact. It is not an event or activity; it is a concept, process, practice, and capability that defines successful organizations. Innovation in the public sector can help create value for society.
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World Public Sector Report 2010
World Public Sector Report 2010: Reconstructing Public Administration after Conflict
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Final Report of the Hutton Review of Fair Pay in the Public Sector
Will Hutton has published the Final Report of his Independent Review into Fair Pay in the Public Sector, along with his recommendations to the Government. He was commissioned by the Prime Minister and the Chancellor in June 2010, to make recommendations on promoting pay fairness in the public sector by tackling disparities between the lowest and the highest paid in public sector organisations. Mr Hutton has now presented recommendations for a Fairness Framework for Senior Public Service Pay.
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Public Sector Transaction Highlights
With over 20 partners and other fee earners working with public sector clients, the Biggart Baillie public sector team is one of the largest in the country. We provide organisations of all shapes and sizes with legal advice through every stage of their development.
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