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The Eiffel Power Program - Psychological Impotence
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Gneral Psychology
Learning things about psychology.
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Psychological Testing Techniques
Psychological testing is a field characterized by the use of samples of performance in order to assess psychological construct, such as cognitive and emotional implementation, about a given individual.
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Psychological Concepts - Attribution Theory
Attribution theory is concerned with the ways in which people explain the behavior of others. It explores how individuals "attribute" causes to events and how this cognitive awareness affects their motivation.
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Authentic Leadership and Psychological Capital: The Impact on Egyptian Employees' Work Well...
The objective of this exploratory paper is to discuss the impact of psychological capital on Egyptian employees’ work well-being. Some scholars defined positive psychological capital as the individual’s positive psychological state that has four components which are efficacy, optimism, hope, and resilience. Positive psychological capacities are states rather than fixed traits and they can be developed through the authentic leadership and trust. On the other hand, work wellbeing; is concerned with human potential power and happiness-oriented. The significance of this study lies in the fact that positive psychological capital should be an issue of concern to leaders of public organizations in Egypt due to its effect on employees’ work well being. The significance of the study is also due to the increasing deterioration in public employees’ job performance and productivity, which is reflected in the poor quality of services rendered to citizens and...
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University Academics' Psychological Contracts in Australia: A Mixed Method Research Approach
It has been argued that in a workplace environment that is characterised by significant change and uncertainty, the formation and content of the psychological contracts are of increasing importance regarding levels of employee trust, satisfaction, commitment and motivation, and teaching and research outcomes. While research has clearly demonstrated that psychological contracts can have considerable impact upon workplace relations and employee performance, research into the formation, content and effects of psychological contracts between academics and the University has been very limited. The paper used a sequential multi methods research design to explore the formation and content of psychological contracts established by the academics within an Australian University. The empirical research began with exploratory focus group discussions which were followed by a mail survey. The focus groups were carried first to identify the issues and themes that can subsequently be drawn upon to...
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Vacancy - Psychological Expert
This is a call for services of a Psychological Expert for KOPIN’s European Refugee Fund co-financed project entitled “Empowerment and Self-reliance of Women Refugees in Malta” (ERF 2011-03). The overall responsibilities for the Psychological Expert will be to provide advice and services on an ad hoc basis concerning issues related to refugees and asylum seekers who may be experiencing psychological distress or suffer from psychological disorders such as PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), in accordance with the needs of KOPIN as and when they arise.
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Psychological Erectile Dysfunction Cures
►► ◄◄ Psychological Erectile Dysfunction Cures. You are probably wondering how the heck you got this problem, right? I mean, you're in good health... You're young, you exercise and drink a healthy protein smoothie every morning... You take your vitamins... Everything is perfect. What could be wrong, right? Well, you're not alone. According to researchers, sexual performance anxiety is a serious problem that affects at least 20% of perfectly healthy men in America. Psychological Erectile Dysfunction Cures ►► ◄ Psychological, Erectile, Dysfunction, Cures, organic erectile dysfunction, icd erectile dysfunction, erectile dysfunction wiki, erectile dysfunction therapy,erectile dysfunction test, causes erectile dysfunction, causes of impotence in men, cause of erectile dysfunction, erectile dysfunction exercise, erectile dysfunction treatment natural, erectile dysfunction remedy
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Signs of psychological abuse
Psychological abuse does not leave physical scars, so it is hard to detect. Here is a guide to some of the symptoms of psychological abuse.
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Corporate Purpose & Psychological Contracts
research paper exploring the morality of different types of corporate purpose by looking at the impact on psychological contracts. The paper draws on the philosophy of Josiah Royce.
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