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Equity and the Property Tax Burden
This paper details the property tax inequities inherent to the overlapping jurisdictions in Ulster County.
Uploaded by simonsj on 07/22/2009
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Property Tax Liens
Information and nuances about property tax liens.
Uploaded by lillianwong on 02/20/2011
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How to Stay up to Date with Property Tax
Property tax is something we all need to pay, although we seldom appreciate doing it. has some tips for staying out of trouble.
Uploaded by foreclosuredatabank on 05/10/2011
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Establishing a Property Tax System in Egypt
A property tax system is a subsystem of a political/governmental system resting between the government and the taxpayer. Government inputs into the system include property tax policy in the form of laws and regulations, oversight, budgetary requirements and other support to allow for transparency in the system. The market (taxpayer/society) side provides data including information about market activities. The property tax system uses its government provided authority and market inputs to formulate market value estimates, assessed values, property descriptions and tax liabilities.
Uploaded by rchambers587 on 09/02/2012
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Property Tax Consulting
Our strong focus in fixed asset and real estate valuation gives you the information and support you need to effectively manage and reduce your property tax burden.
Uploaded by marshall-stevens on 08/10/2010
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Land and Property Tax
In the Guide, you will find answers to questions such as why land and property taxes are often an important source of local revenue, what the options are for designing and sustaining a land-based tax system, and what needs to be considered in their implementation. The Guide presents a step-by-step approach to implementing a range of land and property taxation policies, strategies, tools and instruments. It provides various taxation alternatives that can be adapted to local contexts and local and central authorities' capacities. The Guide will be a valuable resource for local, sub-national and national government officials, community leaders, researchers, urban planners, international and national urban consultants working on land and property taxation, urban land market, urban economies, and land-based finance mainly in developing countries and emerging economies.
Uploaded by unhabitat on 10/02/2011
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DRT Real Property Tax 2010 Final
DRT Real Property Tax 2010 Final
Uploaded by mvguam on 06/06/2011
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Focus Ireland - Property Tax Position Paper
Focus Ireland is calling for the Government to exempt approved housing bodies from the local property tax as it will place a very substantial additional burden on our charitable work at a time of great need. Focus Ireland currently owns over 400 housing units which are provided as homes for people who were homeless. The current legislation would require us to pay in the region of €100,000 per annum to the exchequer. The direct impact of this loss of €100,000 would mean Focus Ireland would be able to support fewer people to move out of homelessness at the very time there is a rising demand for our services and housing. This is our submission to the Minister for Finance on the issue.
Uploaded by focusireland on 01/20/2013
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Revenue property tax guidelines
Guidelines on how to make a property tax return.
Uploaded by purpledoor on 02/26/2013
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California's Property Tax 2012
California's Property Tax - Legislative Analyst's Office
Uploaded by sccassessor on 07/08/2012
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