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bring your leadership skills to project management
All of these skills can be taught at college level with a three-semester Graduate Certificate program, such as Project Management Institute's Project Management program.
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Project Management Overview
This course has been designed to give an overall understanding, by practical means, of the project management process and its key terminology.
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Project Management: People Skills
This course will provide you with a framework for understanding the people involved in projects and equip you with the skills and knowledge to work most effectively with others. Without these key people skills project managers often fail.
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Organisational Management Skills
Organisations are required to be increasingly flexible and to be able to call upon a number of staff skilled in a diverse range of specialist disciplines. Those organisations which integrate effective management methodologies across their operations have been found to achieve more successful outcomes. New demands are being placed upon all key decision makers and especially on operational line managers in their organisations, through moving responsibility away from traditional centralised departments, such as human resources, to local departments and individual business units. RIPA International’s Organisational Management Skills faculty provides a focused opportunity to develop essential managerial and subject specialist skills across your pool of staff, designed to develop internal capacity and enhance overall organisational effectiveness.
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What does an ineffective project manager look like?
You may have had some experience with a Project Manager who was not as efficient as perhaps they should have been. When we come across an ineffective Project Manager, what do you usually think of them? Which characteristics upset you most?
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Ambassador Projects 2011
This ebook includes After Action Reviews from two projects completed by student Ambassadors who attend the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at Monash University in Melbourne Australia.
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How To Lead Fearful People
Leadership is influence. In leading others comes the challenge of personalities and doubt. Maxwell (2011) identifies it as “Fearful Fred” and Moses simply said: “What shall I do with this People.” Doubt, which is fear, was the main challenge Moses faced while leading Israel out of the wanderings and there was only one way he was able to overcome.
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Project Management: Tools and Techniques
This course provides a solid approach to manage projects more effectively. You will learn how to use key tools and techniques and on completion, can progress to the Project Management: People Skills course.
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Running Small Projects
This course is designed to give an overall and practical understanding of the project management process associated with smaller projects – with tips and guidance to ensure success.
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Project Leadership Development Programme
Effective project management is crucial for the success of transformational change and business development initiatives in every organisation. At the heart of the project lies the Project Manager who is tasked with delivering the project in line with stakeholder expectations using efficient processes and engaging both those working on the project and those affected by the expected outcome. This highly practical programme will provide a combination of knowledge in technical project management process and terminology together with the skills and attributes required to lead and work effectively with others.
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