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Investment Portfolio Management Multiobjective Optimization Problem (in English)
D.Sahakyan, Investment Portfolio Management Multiobjective Optimization Problem. Capital Market Journal, Yerevan, 2004, N1-2, p. 25-27.
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Managerial Decision Making | Strategic Business Development Skills
The programme focuses on the practical application of management theory and principles at the operational level within the organisation, thus providing momentum for continuing professional and personal development. By completing this programme you will learn how to: Enhance your management of information systems and finance ; Meet the challenges of a competitive business world ; Manage people, performance and organisational operations ; Market your products or services more effectively ; Plan and undertake management projects
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Managing Poor Performance: Supervisor Do's and Don'ts
There will always be problem employees but a manager does not have to get used to it. Tolerating problem employees could prove detrimental to your business. This is just one of those things that a manager should avoid in managing an employee's poor performance.
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The Real Reasons Why Some Work Teams Don't Work Well Together
Teamwork is an art and a science which many work groups are not prepared for. Working against effectiveness on the team are a set of human behavioral tendencies that commonly hold teams back from performing at their best.
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Top 6 Signs of an Underlying Debt Problem
Are you aware of your debt problems? Do you know how serious they are? While it is quite common for people to opt for a loan to buy a house, vehicle, or for children’s education, there are also many who end up in deep financial crisis by borrowing money for superfluous expenses and poorly managed debts.
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Management of Problem Grasses
Cheatgrass, Bulbous Bluegrass and Foxtail Barley
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How to Fix your Debt Problem
Is your debt problem strangling you? Well, you don’t have to live with it forever. Debt management programs can offer many strategies to handle various debt related issues.
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10 Management Tips for Dealing with Problem Employees
Problem employees can cost a business significantly. Want to know the best ways in approaching problem employees? Read on to find out.
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Debt Management Programs – How Much Can They Help You?
Everyone experiences debt problem at some point in their lives. Many are able to deal with it on their own but some need help because paying debt can be a very complicated matter. Today, more Americans are reeling under the weight of debt, and a larger percentage of them are not able to meet their financial responsibility with their incomes.
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Are the Expectations of Debt Management Companies Over-hyped
Those who are up to their necks in debt may have all their hope pinned on debt management companies. Are these expectations over-hyped, or do they all get fulfilled? Keep reading to find out the answer.
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