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Relational Marketing - Presentation Transcripts
Here's a presentation on relational marketing given by Tom Mann of TR Mann Consulting at The International Council on Active Aging's Conference. Includes PowerPoint and transcipts.
Uploaded by tmann on 07/16/2010
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Please Pray the Cry of a Troubled Heart
PLEASE PRAY - The Cry of a Troubled Heart by: Glenn and Ethel Coon This book is done for a most specific purpose: namely, to aid those who claim promises for problems with others, such as the conversion of children, mates, or friends. It deals with the science of human communication as we claim Bible promises. The seven laws of communication are spelled out, even sentences not to use, and sentences which are used by the Holy Spirit to build a bridge between the one praying for a soul, and that soul for whom we pray. Without learning the science of communication, the mere claiming of Bible promises can be fruitless, when praying for others.
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Investigating the Links toImproved Student Learning-Learning from Leadership Project
Investigating the Links to Improved Student Learning Commissioned by the Wallace foundation
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Preparing Principals for a Changing Worl
In any large undertaking like this, there are many people responsible for the results. First, we want to acknowledge the financial and intellectual support of the Wallace Foundation, which has supported research and technical assistance to improve leadership in American schools on a scale and with perseverance unmatched by any other foundation. The team at Wallace played a major role in conceptualizing and critiquing the work as it progressed, greatly improving its quality and utility.
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Professional Development for Schools of Diverse Learners’ Principals
The Professional Development for Schools of Diverse Learners’ Principals: Strategies for Leadership and Language Enhancement Project was sponsored by a grant from the Puerto Rico Higher Education Council, No Child Left Behind Act and Title II Funds (NCLB -09-14). This Project was implemented in partnership with the Educational Research Center at the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Humanities, a group of schools from the Department of Education of Puerto Rico and the Private School System.
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Handbook of Leadership Theory for Adjunct Instructors
This handbook presents an overview of recent leadership theories, outlines the implications for adjunct instructors and provides case studies that illustrate the use of leadership concepts. Each section begins with an elaboration of the theory, outlines specific strategies for applying leadership concepts and concludes with a discussion of practical applications of the theories. The overall goal of this handbook is to provide leadership concepts that allow not just adjunct instructors but leaders in diverse professions to develop themselves as excellent leaders for their organizations.
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Fundamental Principals Of Vedanta
Article by Swami Tathagatananda
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Do Principals Fire the Worst Teachers?
This paper takes advantage of a unique policy change to examine how principals make decisions regarding teacher dismissal. In 2004, the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) signed a new collective bargaining agreement that gave principals the flexibility to dismiss probationary teachers for any reason and without the documentation and hearing process that is typically required for such dismissals. With the cooperation of the CPS, I matched information on all teachers that were eligible for dismissal with records indicating which teachers were dismissed. With this data, I estimate the relative weight that school administrators place on a variety of teacher characteristics. I find evidence that principals do consider teacher absences and value-added measures, along with several demographic characteristics, in determining which teachers to dismiss.
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Best Examples Of Successful Social Media Campaigns
Generally speaking, social media marketing could be the process of increasing web site traffic and also advertising the company through social media sites for instance LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google +. Social media influence marketing programs give attention to creating original articles that catches the interest of the readers and encourages them to share it using their friends on different internet sites. Creating successful social media campaigns means lots of work and research, since you need to know your target clients before creating this content. There are many social media campaigns that were more or less effective, but some of the finest will be explained in this posting.
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Principals Today Issue 86
Principals Today is a New Zealand based magazine for school principals.
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