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the evolution of Primates; resumed
Uploaded by mabova on 12/01/2011
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Primates by the Numbers
There had been a growing trend in the research industry's importation of nonhuman primates into the U.S. for use in testing and research. AAVS exposes the numbers, the participants, and the animal suffering.
Uploaded by aavs on 09/29/2011
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Save the Primates
A study of the use of primates in experiments - Where they come from - Life and death in a typical laboratory - The experiments - The alternatives
Uploaded by animaldefenders on 06/15/2009
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Review magazine
art and culture
Uploaded by ameed on 11/03/2010
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Huntingdon Life Sciences Exposed
Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) is a major European contract testing laboratory, which conducts toxicological (safety) tests for a range of clients including manufacturers of drugs, chemicals and other products. The 'Save The Primates' report describes one of the most ambitious NAVS investigations ever, during which our investigators exposed every distrubing aspect of the capture, trade and use of primates for this sordid industry. The investigation ended at HLS, where primates and other animals including guinea pigs, mice, rats and rabbits suffer and die in tests. Read on to find out about the world you were not to see - all done in your name. These experiments can be replaced. Help us to fight for lasting change.
Uploaded by animaldefenders on 03/15/2010
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AV Magazine
2011, Issue 3 - Primates in Science
Uploaded by aavs on 12/04/2011
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ZPM September 2011
Zoo's Print - Magazine of Zoo Outreach Organisation
Uploaded by zoo-wild on 09/22/2011
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Fundraising Pack
Wild Futures Fundraising Pack - fundraise to help create a wild future for all primates.
Uploaded by wildfutures on 11/27/2012
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My Mate's a Primate
Evaluating our relationship and behaviour towards our fellow primates
Uploaded by animaldefenders on 04/27/2010
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Save the chimps in Spain. Support Mona
The Mona Foundation strives to end the exploitation of primates in Spain. Maybe you have seen us in the Chimp Diaries series on National Geographic. But if you are unfamiliar with the Mona Foundation, please allow us a fraction of your time, to explain why we ask your company to team up with Mona.
Uploaded by bookshelf on 10/07/2009
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