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Primate Cinema: Apes As Family
Publication documenting artist Rachel Mayeri's film 'Primate Cinema: Apes As Family'.
Uploaded by mikecarney on 08/07/2012
Digital publication details: 20 pages.

Primate Testing in Europe
A report on the use of primates in regulatory testing in a typical European commercial testing laboratory
Uploaded by animaldefenders on 06/15/2009
Digital publication details: 32 pages.

El ultimo primate
el ultimo primate moodboard
Uploaded by andreamicelirovito on 09/17/2012
Digital publication details: 17 pages.

ADI & Eurogroup Techinal Briefing: Appendix to Primate Briefing for animal experiments - Article 10
Appendix to Primate Briefing for animal experiments - Article 10
Uploaded by animaldefenders on 11/29/2009
Digital publication details: 2 pages.

Primate Testing Report
Primate Testing Report
Uploaded by elizabethelson on 03/17/2012
Digital publication details: 32 pages.
Tags: artwork · design

My Mate's a Primate
Evaluating our relationship and behaviour towards our fellow primates
Uploaded by animaldefenders on 04/27/2010
Digital publication details: 52 pages.

Primate state formation Viru
Sobre la cultura Virú (Gallinazo)
Uploaded by 2akr on 08/22/2010
Digital publication details: 6 pages.
Tags: viru · gallinazo · peru

3/ Hunters in the Forest / Primate Bushmeat
Ajani's Great ape Adventures Film series Nature for Kids/ complementing print materials /english
Uploaded by on 04/28/2013
Digital publication details: 16 pages.

Antigua and Barbuda: St. John's City Urban Profile
St. John’s, situated in Antigua, is the capital of the three-island nation of Antigua, Barbuda and Redonda. St. John’s City has a population of about 25,000 - 32% of the country’s total population. The next largest urban area in the country, All Saints Village, has a population of about 4,000; St. John’s is therefore a primate city. A primate city is defined as being “at least twice as large as the next largest city and more than twice as significant” [Mark Jefferson in 1939]. A primate city is number one in its country in most aspects, like politics, economy, media, culture, and education. St. John’s, at the head of a deeply indented harbour, is not only the residential capital of the country, but the commercial, entertainment and administrative centre as well. Tourism is important, and the harbour has been dredged to accommodate deep-draft (35 feet) cargo and cruise vessels.
Uploaded by unhabitat on 07/16/2012
Digital publication details: 39 pages.

Primates in Space Issue 1 / Spring ’11
Uploaded by sarahmoloney on 02/18/2011
Digital publication details: 32 pages.
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