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How to Write a Press Release
A press release, also known as a news release, is simply a written statement to the media. They can announce a range of news items: scheduled events, personnel promotions, awards, new products and services, sales accomplishments, etc. They can al

A Perfect Press Release - or Not?
This step-by-step guide to writing and distributing press releases covers this topic from the perspective of companies seeking publicity, PR consultants, journalists and editors. Aspects covered include: Why 95% of press releases end up in the bin Pet hates and preferences of journalists and editors What makes a press release publishable Strategy, knowledge and content Writing style, construction and flow News releases versus opinion articles Identifying interesting topics Distribution to targeted media Publishing press releases on the web The PR consultant's perspective

Writing Quick Press Releases
An event-management company was organizing an exhibition. Its marketing team sent out a press release about the show. Same day the press release was published, a major company sent a booking order for the next edition of the exhibition. Why? Because when they saw the printed press release in the newspaper, they knew they must be part of that show. This company has been exhibiting every year since that date.A Swedish all-in-one portable coffee stand called Wheelys Cafe, started out as a campaign on The basic idea was that for $2,999, one can get a coffee stand with three built-in burners, running water, a loudspeaker, a high-powered electrical engine and a mobile application to manage everything. Thanks for a successful press release, their original campaign raised $372,295USD. It was 615% funded on August 17, 2015. This grand-slam success caught the eyes of the likes of BBC, CNN, Time, Daily Mail, Forbes, The New York Times, to name a few! In writing and sending out your own press releases, you can gauge how they would affect your sales. When the positive results come in, you can write another press release or hire a professional to do it. You win anyway with this Guide to Writing Press Releases. You test a new marketing channel, save money, and learn more tricks to increase your sales.

The Perversions of Polk County: A Press Release by the Righteous Sheriff Judson O'Grady
The Perversions of Polk County: A Press Release by the Righteous Sheriff Judson O'Grady

Bangladesh: Fifth and Sixth Reviews Under the Extended Credit Facility Arrangement-Press Release and Staff Report
The current Extended Credit Facility (ECF) arrangement, approved in April 2012, is drawing to a close. Over its three years, macroeconomic stability has been buttressed: growth is strong, inflation has eased, the public debt-to-GDP ratio has remained stable, and foreign reserves remain adequate. Progress on revenue mobilization, however, has been weak. Political uncertainty remains a key risk to the outlook.

Liberia: Request for an Extension of the Arrangement Under the Extended Credit Facility-Staff Report and Press Release
The proposed three-month extension would enable conclusion of the discussions for the review. In the past months, the authorities and staff have made progress towards completion of the review, but further discussions are needed in some areas, including the issues described above. The requested extension would provide the time needed to reach staff-level agreement in these areas, and, if needed, build broader consensus in the country on the agreed policies. The conclusion of the outstanding fourth program review could, in staff's view, also provide an opportunity for the authorities to request a rephasing of the fifth and sixth reviews and a further extension of the arrangement.

Dominica: Request for Disbursement Under the Rapid Credit Facility-Press Release; Staff Report; for Dominica
Context. On August 27, 2015, Dominica was hit by Tropical Storm Erika, resulting in loss of life and substantial damage to crops and physical infrastructure. Flooding and landslides have severely damaged transport infrastructure and substantially diminished the productive capacity of agriculture and tourism. The main airport was badly damaged, with its operations continuing to be heavily limited. Several roads and bridges remain unusable, and the water and sewage network is still below full operational capacity. The total damage and loss estimate is equivalent to [96] percent of GDP. Request for Fund support. The Dominican authorities are requesting emergency financial assistance under the Fund's Rapid Credit Facility (RCF) to address urgent balance of payments and fiscal needs associated with the rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts. In the attached letter, they request a disbursement in the equivalent of SDR 6.15 million (US$8.7 million), equivalent to 75 percent of quota, with the full amount to become available upon Board approval. Staff supports the request. The authorities are also seeking grants and additional concessional financing from multilateral and bilateral donors to cover the remaining financing needs. Macroeconomic policies. Dominica has struggled with fiscal and external sustainability for a few years, and the impact of the storm has worsened the situation further. The authorities' immediate focus is on addressing pressing social needs, rehabilitation, reconstruction, and the identification of financing sources. They agreed with staff on the broad parameters, objectives, and policies of a medium-term macroeconomic plan that addresses reconstruction needs and also achieves decisive fiscal consolidation, strengthens the financial system, and improves competitiveness.

The Ultimate Press Release Swipe File: 50 Templates That You Can Use to Get Your Business Media Exposure Today
Have you ever wanted to get exposure for your business, website, charity or project but not sure what hook or story angle would interest the media?Well, The Ultimate Press Release Swipe File is the solution. Filled with over 199 hooks and headlines that you can swipe and implement into your next press release, this guide has been designed to help eliminate any procrastination or mental blocks you might have when coming up with a new angle for your media exposure campaigns. With bonus downloadable content valued at $176, purchasing the book will also give you exclusive access to audio interviews with PR experts and full sessions of Pete's marketing courses, Unleashing the Power of Publicity and Going Analogue, that will give you detailed processes on how to:* Find a winning press release angle* Make your news release stand out and get it out to the right media* Picking the right hook for your press release to get people's attention* Format your press release to make it look professionalJust sit down, turn to one of the pages of the book and you will be presented with a newsworthy headline, hook, rationale as to why this is a killer story idea, and examples that you can legally swipe and use today. It's just like having your own publicist on retainer feeding you new story ideas every day. About the AuthorPETE WILLIAMS is the author of the international hit How to Turn Your Million-Dollar Idea Into a Reality and the new release Media Strategies for Internet Marketers. Dubbed as "Australia's Richard Branson" in media publications all over the continent, he was just 21 when he sold Australia's version of the Yankee Stadium, The Melbourne Cricket Ground, for under $500. He is the founder of several companies including Infiniti Telecommunications, On Hold Advertising, Simply Headsets and Preneur Group. He has been named the Global Runner-Up in the JCI Creative Young Entrepreneur Awards for 2009, the Southern Region Finalist in the Ernst & Young 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year, an

Senegal: Request for a Three-Year Policy Support Instrument-Press Release; Staff Report; and Statement by the Executive Director for Senegal
he final review of the 2010-2014 program under the Policy Support Instrument (PSI) was completed in December 2014. The authorities have requested a successor PSI for 2015-2017. Performance under the two previous PSIs was mixed. Fiscal and debt sustainability were broadly achieved, but growth and poverty reduction outcomes were less favorable than initially programmed due to delays in implementing structural reforms.

Sri Lanka: Third Post-Program Monitoring Discussion-Staff Report; Press Release; and Statement by the Executive Director for Sri Lanka
Recent outturns have been favorable but the medium-term outlook is difficult to assess in the midst of an ongoing political transition and associated lack of clarity regarding macroeconomic and financial policies. An extended period of political flux and policy uncertainty could negatively affect confidence and growth.

Republic of Kosovo: Request for Stand-By Arrangement-Press Release; Staff Report; and Statement by the Executive Director for Republic of Kosovo
In recent years, the IMF has released a growing number of reports and other documents covering economic and financial developments and trends in member countries. Each report, prepared by a staff team after discussions with government officials, is published at the option of the member country.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: 2015 Article IV Consultation-Press Release; Staff Report; and Statement by the Executive Director for Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) has made considerable progress in the last few years in reducing internal and external imbalances. Moreover, after several starts and stops since the global financial crisis the economic recovery is showing signs of taking a firmer hold. Growth is expected to rebound to over 2 percent this year, up from just over 1 percent last year when the country was hit by massive floods.

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan: 2015 Article IV Consultation and First Review Under the Staff-Monitored Program-Press Release; Staff Report; and Stat
Context. Since 2002, Afghanistan has made important strides in building its economy, infrastructure and institutions, supported by large aid flows and despite security challenges. The first democratic transfer of political power that occurred in late 2014 provided a distinct chance to renew impetus in economic reforms on the basis of a clear and ambitious agenda proposed by the new national unity government. However, security challenges and delays in policy implementation during the new government's settling-in period have held back a recovery in economic confidence, which has weakened economic growth performance, and, more recently, spurred an acceleration in migrant outflows. The IMF is supporting Afghanistan through technical assistance and a staff monitored program. Outlook and risks. The authorities have a clear plan for the "transformation decade" (2015-24), which is within reach, providing they implement economic reforms to build confidence in the economy, donors continue their support, and security improves. The main challenge is to boost confidence and co-operation among all stakeholders and thus solidify the hard-won achievements to date and build reform momentum to improve living standards for all Afghans. Risks are mostly on the downside and are related to adverse domestic or regional security developments, political instability, inadequate implementation of economic policies, and donor fatigue. Policy recommendations. The macroeconomic policy mix remains appropriate. The fiscal balance including grants should continue to remain broadly balanced to ensure sustainability; efforts should be stepped up to mobilize domestic revenue, prioritize spending and further improve budget management. Monetary policy needs to continue to foster confidence in the domestic currency, including by pursuing its commitment to a flexible exchange rate regime while maintaining orderly market conditions. Strong efforts are needed to implement vigorously the new banking, AML, an


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