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Using Value-at-Risk for ISIT Project and Portfolio Appraisal and Risk Management

This paper makes the case for adopting a risk measure from the finance sector for ISIT project and portfolio evaluation. The proposed value-at-risk approach constitutes a well-tested approach in high-risk environments, especially banking, and reports the expected maximum loss (or worst loss) over a target horizon within a given confidence interval. Value-at-risk is computed using either an analytical, parametric approach, or resorting to simulation, either based on historical samples or Monte Carlo methods. The main advantages of using value-at-risk measures are that they are methodologically consistent with modern ISIT evaluation approaches like real options, that they offer possibilities for management and assessment of ISIT project portfolios, and that the results are easy to interpret.
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Practical Risk-Adjusted Performance Measurement - Carl Bacon

By documenting, with appropriate referencing, many of the ex-post risk measures in a structured format, filling gaps, encouraging consistency, suggesting new measures and highlighting possible areas of confusion or misrepresentation, this book is the ideal practitioners practical guide to ex-post performance measurement techniques.
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Financial Risk Management: A Practical Approach for Emerging Markets

Financial Risk Management outlines how to implement an objective and systematic risk management program that allows for effective control and evaluation of operations. This comprehensive guide is designed to help businesses and financial institutions operating in emerging markets incorporate modern risk management techniques for market, credit, operational and legal risks.
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Risk and Portfolio Management course syllabus

Risk and Portfolio Management course syllabus
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Assessing Risk Management Portfolio for Effective Compliance

IT risk managers are responsible for ensuring a secure and compliant business environment. Hence, they are constantly in search of resourceful, credible and result-oriented risk management processes that can facilitate risk forecasting and risk intensity assessment to prevent security lapses. However, mitigating risks and ensuring complete security are possible through effective compliance, with conscious efforts to seal security gaps throughout the enterprise
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Enterprise Active Risk Reports from Vue-Matrix

Vue-Matrix comes with a fantastic reporting feature. Projects risk reports can be generated for all levels in an organization. From Executive reports to Mid-level Management reports to Risk reports by Owner.Today, let us learn more about the Enterprise Active Risks Report.
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Strong, Safe, and Resilient

Disaster risk management is essential in the fight against poverty. Disasters can, in an instant, wipe out decades of hard-fought poverty reduction and development gains and push countless households into poverty. Disasters disproportionally affect the poor: Vulnerable and marginalized groups, including women, children, the elderly, and people with disabilities, are at particular risk. East Asia and the Pacific is the most disaster-stricken region in the world, suffering from small recurrent as well as rare high-impact events. East Asia is rapidly urbanizing, and cities are becoming disaster hotspots. Unplanned or poorly planned urbanization, which puts more people and assets in harm’s way, is the single largest driver of disaster risk.
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Risk Profile Questionnaire

Risk Profile Questionnaire to determine the level of risk you wish to take for your investment portfolio
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Bubble Value at Risk + Website

The book introduces a powerful new approach to financial risk modeling with proven strategies for its real-world applications.
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