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Tomorrow India State - Pondicherry

The report provides a detailed and comprehensive forecast of Pondicherry State in India from 2011 to 2031 in terms of age, household structure, education and labour force profiles as well as the distribution of households by income and their expenditure pattern. In terms of Pondicherry State's population it shows how the different lifecycle stages (e.g. young single; married with at least one child under 10 yrs.; etc.) will change in size and importance over time. The report uniquely examines Pondicherry State's historic and projected trend in the real distribution of households by income as well as the mean and median household income. This is done for each of the urban and rural populations as there are significant differences between them. Finally information is provided on the expenditure pattern of households by income level and how this might change over the forecast period. Again separately for urban and rural households. The report is underpinned by an extensive historic...
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Distintas apariciones en prensa
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Schedule Final

Schedule of the National Seminar on 'Emerging Trends in Media: The Impact of Digital Culture on it Impact on Information Soceity'
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Thoughts in India

T A M I L - N A D U Impressions from south-east India A hurricane hit in December 2011, just 2 months after we arrive. One could still see the dammage. Taken by Anthony a Tamil native, who runs an organization that helps rural inhabitants around the cities of Pondicherry and Cuddalore with water projects, shelters and education. — A poetic Comic Documentary
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The Chronicle - Vol 3, Issue 2 - Apr-Jun-09

Official Newsletter from MGMCRI, SSSMCRI, IGIDS & KGNC
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The Prism 2012 Issue

The Prism - Art, Literary and Cultural Magazine of Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute's vibrant Student Community
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Chronicle Vol 3, Issue 4

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The Chronicle Vol 3 Issue 3

Official Newsletter of Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute, Shri Satya Sai Medical College & Research Institute, Indira Gandhi Institute of Dental Sciences, Kasturba Gandhi Nursing College - Constituent Colleges of Sri Balaji Vidhyapeeth University
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Articles on Savitri by Mangesh Nadkarni

Mangesh Nadkarni Articles on Savitri, Originally Published in the "Next Future" (Journal of Sri Aurobindo Society) from February 2003 until October 2007
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