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Drug Policy is AIDS Policy

A newspaper designed and printed for the AIDS 2012 Conference in Washington, DC. It covers both Canadian and international perspectives where HIV/AIDS and Drug Policy meet.
Uploaded by candrugpolicy on 07/23/2012
Digital publication details: 20 pages.

PAHO's Policy on Research for Health

User friendly abridged version of PAHO's Policy on Research for Health approved by Member States during the 49th Directing Council in 2009. The Policy applies to Member States and the Pan American Sanitary Bureau
Uploaded by luisgabrielcuervo on 05/12/2011
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BSBDIV601A - Develop and Implement Diversity Policy

This unit of competency is all about being able to research diversity, draft policy, plan for implementation, and implement diversity policy. It will help you with the skills you need to demonstrate competency for the unit BSBDIV601A Develop and Implement Diversity Policy. This is one of the units that make up Advanced Diplomas in Business.
Uploaded by catrinadaly on 03/25/2012
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The Growth Dialogue's Policy Briefs

In September 2011 the Growth Dialogue launched its Policy Brief series. These are shortnotes on “hot” topics in the area of economic growth, and have become quite popular. They are posted on the Growth Dialogue’s website and also disseminated at George Washington University, during Growth Dialogue’s exclusiveand partnership events, at speaking engagements, and in public forums.
Uploaded by thegrowthdialogue on 09/17/2012
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State Policy Guide

Re-imagining state policy: A guide to building systems that support effective principals
Uploaded by newleaders on 12/12/2012
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A Practical Approach to Pharmaceutical Policy

Pharmaceuticals are an essential component of health care. But for many people in low- and middle-income countries, access to the medicines they need to prevent or treat severe illnesses is limited. Typical problems are lack of availability, costs that exceed the individual’s purchasing power or lack of competent “agents” – health workers that are well trained to give the correct advice on which medicines to take.
Uploaded by world.bank.publications on 06/16/2010
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Impact Magazine - Winter 2012 - Center for Health Policy

The biannual health policy magazine from the Center for Health Policy.
Uploaded by centerforhealthpolicy on 02/09/2012
Digital publication details: 24 pages.

Institute of Water Policy Annual Report 2008-2012

The First Four Years, 2008-2012
Uploaded by nuslkyschool on 07/07/2012
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Combined effects: Migration Policy Group Activities Report 2009-2010

The Migration Policy Group Activities Report 'Combined effects' includes updates on all our projects, publications and activities in 2009 and 2010
Uploaded by migpolgroup on 06/22/2011
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Language policy in Japan: Shifting paradigms

Mondejar, M., Laurier, J., Valdivia, L., Mboutsiadis, B., & Sanchez, E. (2012). Language policy in Japan: Shifting paradigms. In K. Bradford-Watts, R. Chartrand, & E. Skier (Eds.), The 2011 Pan-SIG Conference Proceedings. Matsumoto, Japan (pp. 149-165).
Uploaded by billmboutsiadis9 on 09/03/2012
Digital publication details: 275 pages.
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