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Neural Network Based Noise Identification in DigitalImages
Image noise is unwanted information in an image and can occur at any moment of time such as during image capture, transmission, or processing and it may or may not depend on image content. In order to remove the noise from the noisy image, prior knowledge about the nature of noise must be known otherwise noise removal causes the image blurring. Identifying nature of noise is a challenging problem. Many researchers have proposed their ideas on image noise identification and each of the work has its assumptions, advantages and limitations. In this paper, we proposed a new methodology based on neural network for identifying the different types of noise such as Non Gaussian, Gaussian white, Salt and Pepper and Speckle noise.
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Coding with SPIP 2
SPIP is both a publication system and a development platform. After a quick tour of SPIP’s features, we will describe how it works and explain how to develop with it using helpful examples wherever possible. This documentation targets webmasters with knowledge of PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript
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NICC Catalog 2010-2011
Northeast Iowa Community College Catalog of programs
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Digital publication details: 180 pages.

NICC College Catalog 2012-2013
Northeast Iowa Community College catalog for the 2012-2013 school year
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Digital publication details: 196 pages.

NICC Catalog 2011-2012
Northeast Iowa Community College Catalog 2011-2012
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College Catalog 2011
Northeast Iowa Community College 2011-12 Catalog
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Ivan Marino Catalog
MEIAC/Museo Extremeño e Iberoamericano de Arte Contemporaneo - España. Iván Marino
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Nepal Interim Constitution 2007
Interim Constitution on Nepal - 2007
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Viva Travel Guides Colombia - Eastern Colombia
Viva Travel Guides Colombia - Eastern Colombia
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Janmabhoomi weekly
janmabhoomi weekly june 2, 2012 Vol. 43 No.10
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