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Contextual Sensitivity in Grounded Theory: The Role of Pilot Studies

Grounded Theory is an established methodological approach for context specific inductive theory building. The grounded nature of the methodology refers to these specific contexts from which emergent propositions are drawn. Thus, any grounded theory study requires not only theoretical sensitivity, but also a good insight on how to design the research in the human activity systems to be studied. The lack of this insight may result in inefficient theoretical sampling or even erroneous purposeful sampling. These problems would not necessarily be critical, as it could be argued that through the elliptical process that characterizes grounded theory, remedial loops would always bring the researcher to the core of the theory. However, these elliptical remedial processes can take very long periods of time and result in catastrophic delays in research projects. As a strategy, this paper discusses, contrasts and compares the use of pilot studies in four different grounded theory projects....
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Pilot training compass: Back to the future

ECA's latest report touches upon the overall scope of the pilot's profession and training programs, including the selection principles and competencies necessary for airline pilots.
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Airline pilot (retired) DORU VARLAN

I like very much to communicate. That is because communication means to better know and understand each other.
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Pilot Romeo and Juliet Education Pack

An education resource pack for Pilot Theatre's 2010-2011 tour of Romeo and Juliet.
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Pilot Theatre Annual Report 2008 - 2009

Pilot Theatre Annual Report 2008 - 2009
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Pilot Training - Baltic Aviation Academy

Baltic Aviation Academy flight training organization (FTO) has designed a thorough ab initio pilot training program to develop the students up to the proficiency so that they may operate as co-pilots on single and multi-engine/pilot airliners in commercial air transport and continue their career in aviation. The program is designed for students having little or no previous flying experience.
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Slum Upgrading Facility Pilot Programme End-of-Programme Evaluation

The evaluation assessed the performance of the Slum Upgrading Facility (SUF) and its associated projects in the four pilot countries: Ghana, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Tanzania. The evaluation was requested by the donors of the SUF Programme i.e., the Governments of Norway, Sweden/Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and the Department for International Development of the United Kingdom. It also responded to UN-Habitat Governing Council Resolution 20/11 which requested for an independent evaluation of the SUF pilot phase to inform decision making on how to proceed with the project. The evaluation found that one of the main outcomes of the pilot phase was the establishment of the local finance facilities which represent an important innovation that has the potential for impacting the lives of millions of slum dwellers, not only in the four pilot countries but throughout the developing world.
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e-Voting: Same Pilots, Same Problems, Different Agendas

This paper outlines the preliminary findings of the empirical stage of the research to establish the reasons that in 2003 some English local authorities decided to trial e-voting and others did not. The key findings demonstrate that central and local governments have different agendas and there is little momentum from central government to increase the number of pilot schemes. The central government policy to introduce e-voting via voluntary pilot schemes is only providing a limited insight into the problems surrounding the operation of the new voting methods. The findings are derived from comparative semi-structured interviews with Election Officers from pilot and non-pilot authorities, and the analysis is based upon Rogers' diffusion of innovations theory framework. The findings illustrate that in the case of e-voting, central government has not adopted a formal diffusion strategy and that a most influential driver to adopt e-voting is not prominently acknowledged in diffusion...
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Touchdown Malta 2013-14

This First number of Touchdown Malta is presented as a Supplement in the 10th Edition of Yachting in Malta (2013-2014). The contents in general is made up of editorial focusing on the different services and facilities making up the Malta industry highlighting their respective advantages.
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Pilot Theatre - (P)Review 2011

Annual Review and Preview of forthcoming work
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