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Philosophy Degree Careers
Discusses Philosophy courses, Philosophy classes, Philosophy studies and Philosophy jobs for Philosophy majors with a Philosophy degree.
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On Second Thought - The Philosophy Issue
A magazine devoted to philosohical discussion with the general public. A joint publication from the North Dakota Humanities Council and the Institute for Philosophy in Public Life gues edited by Jack Russell Weinstein
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Incessant Typing
This book is an open invitation to think and a book for thinkers... It's my first serious piece of non fiction. The book is a compilation of 2 years worth of essays on a variety of subjects from physics to futurism to sociology. Like most of my other writings it doesn't take itself too seriously but earnestly tries to fill your head with 'aha' moments all the same. I self published this work because life's too short to wait for a publisher's opinion at this point. And I know how that story ends... So, if you are the kind of person who reads for a love of learning and looking at the same things in a new way, I wrote this book just for you. I hope you enjoy it.
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b) Social Scientific Perspectives ETST 111, POSC 123, POSC 124, POSC 124S, POSC 129, POSC 142L, POSC 150, POSC 159, POSC 160, POSC 169, SOC 122 Philosophy Major The M.S. program in Pest Management is not currently accepting new students. For further information call (800) 735-0717 or (951) 827-5621. The Department of Philosophy offers a major and minor in Philosophy and a major in Philosophy/Law and Society. The major requirements for the B.A. degree in Philosophy are as follows:
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Sophophilia: Critical Readings in Philosophy
Sophophilia is a collection of philosophical essays representing a wide range of philosophical climates, traditions, tendencies and commitments intended to prepare and introduce new enthusiasts to the academic field of Philosophy. The author has determined that an exploration of basic issues relative to these classic philosophical areas is essential for the novice to really get a sensible and meaningful grasp of philosophy in general and of academic philosophy in particular.
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Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities
The Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanities (MCPH) began functioning in February 2010. This Centre was established to not only promote humanities and liberal arts education at Manipal University, but also to establish a world-class centre for teaching and research in philosophy and humanities.
Uploaded by albert111 on 02/04/2013
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OPRF Tech Club - Design Philosophy in Actin
This is the OPRF Tech Club's Design Philosophy in action document, meaning it has images of what the philosophy thinks is good and bad. Simpler is Better
Uploaded by dkuntz2 on 11/23/2008
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Frank Jackson (Princeton) - Leibniz's Law and the Philosophy of Mind (Draft Paper & Podcast)
Draft Paper & Podcast: Frank Jackson is a regular visiting professor at Princeton University and holds fractional research positions at The Australian National University and La Trobe University. He is a Corresponding Fellow of The British Academy. His publications include: Perception (Cambridge UP 1977), Conditionals (Blackwell1987), The Philosophy of Mind and Cognition, co-authored with David Braddon-Mitchell (Blackwell, 1996), From Metaphysics to Ethics (Oxford UP 1998), Language, Names, and Information (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010). This podcast is an audio recording of Professor Jackson's talk - "Leibniz's Law and the Philosophy of Mind" - at the Aristotelian Society on 14 May 2012. The recording was produced by Backdoor Broadcasting Company in conjunction with the Institute of Philosophy, University of London.
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The Empty Vessel: The Journal of Daoist Philosophy and Practice - Summer 2011
The Empty Vessel: The Journal of Daoist Philosophy and Practice is a quarterly journal, covering Chinese medicine, feng shui, qigong, taiji, internal alchemy, meditation, Yijing (I Ching) with articles and interviews with some of the most noted authors and teachers.
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An article describing the relationship between Continential Philosophy and Poland.
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