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Healthcare Philanthropy
Healthcare Philanthropy: Advance Charitable Giving to Your Organization’s Mission, Accessing capital through the traditional sources of revenue, debt, and the sale of assets is challenging in the current economic climate. Philanthropy has emerged as a vital revenue source. In this book, copublished with ACHE, author and seasoned healthcare development professional, Betsy Chapin Taylor shares the strategies she has cultivated throughout her successful career in healthcare philanthropy. She emphasizes the role of executives in philanthropy efforts and provides tips for involving physicians. Learn how to engage your board members, physician leaders, and how to leverage your institution’s CEO in philanthropy. $78 softcover
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Give and Let Give: building a culture of philanthropy in the financial services industry
By Dr Rob John, Rhodri Davies & Louisa Mitchell. The most comprehensive report into the state and future of British philanthropy in the City this decade. Give and Let Give is designed to stimulate high-earning City professionals to embark on a philanthropic journey.
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Philanthropy Review - A Call to Action
The Philanthropy Review Board was established in December 2010 to deliver an independent review into philanthropy in the UK, carried out by leaders from the world of philanthropy, business and the charitable sector. The review was concerned with identifying, evidencing and advocating practical measures to increase giving in the immediate term and which will build a stronger culture of philanthropy in the longer term.
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Philanthropy Age Issue 1
Philanthropy Age, Dedicated to Thoughtful Giving
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2009 Philanthropy Guide
Your guide to the nonprofit and philanthropic organizations that make the Lowcountry a special place to work, live and give. The 2009 Philanthropy guide is a supplement to the Charleston Regional Business Journal.
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Building Bridges: Philanthropy strengthening communities
By Louisa Mitchell & Rhodri Davies. Britain must not forget its great traditions that have endured over the years through economic ups and downs. We have a long history of philanthropy that meets this description and now is an important time to build on that tradition to develop a thriving modern philanthropy that meets the needs of the day and will endure into an uncertain future. This report is about the role that people can play in addressing the needs of our society when they have created financial wealth that they are prepared to invest philanthropically. It gives motivational examples of individuals acting as leaders in the communities who are not only financially generous, but are dedicating significant time and energy to bridging social divides and making their communities better places to live, work or simply be.
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The President’s Report on Philanthropy and Endowments (2011-2012)
I’m deeply grateful to report that through their philanthropy, our supporters continue to express their faith in the future of the University and our students.... Through both the numbers and the stories you’ll find in this report, you can learn about private giving’s impact across Penn State: on the accomplishments of our faculty, the strength of our programs, the breadth of our outreach to the Commonwealth and the nation. —Rodney A. Erickson, President, The Pennsylvania State University (Excerpt from The President’s Report on Philanthropy and Endowments)
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Women United in Philanthropy Oct. 2011 Newsletter
Women United in Philanthropy maximizes women's leadership in philanthropy by engaging and educating its membership, increasing charitable contributions, and strengthening our community through the impact of collective giving to support human services.
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Global Philanthropy Forum
Program for Global Philanthropy Forum's 2011 Conference
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Miss Hall's School Women & Philanthropy Philanthropic Round Table April 8, 2010
The New Normal: Resetting, Rethinking, Restructuring for a New Age of Philanthropy
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