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Action Phase Document
Every teacher wants their students to take action that makes a difference to and in the world. This document was created because the authors believe that the concept of action is more a state of mind than a product. Action can only make a resonating difference to and in the world when it is developed in tandem with a toolbox of explicitly taught skills, modeled behaviors, scaffolded plans and a gradual release of responsibility. This document contains: strands, sub-strands, phases and coded resources that complement the skills focused on at each stage of the learning journey towards sustained action. This is an iterative, working document and we welcome feedback as teachers work with their students through each phase.
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Washington State (WDFW, WDOE) Comments Regarding Phase 2B Scoping Document (January, 2009)
Phase 2B review by WDFW and WDOE) of Phase 2B report
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Randwick TAFE DVD Phase 2 Document
Non function prototype, including wire frame layouts, navigation paths, story boards and video scripts.
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Life Orientation CAPS Document for FET Phase
CAPS specifications for the subject, Life orientation
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The Learning Partnership 2013 Course Brochure
The Learning Partnership 2013 Spring and Summer Course Brochure
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Vestige Technical Design Document
A technical design document written during the preproduction phase of what would later be called Vestige.
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Guidelines for Researchers Using an Adapted Consensual Qualitative Research Approach in...
This article offers an approach to conducting qualitative research in Management Studies by providing researchers with guidelines to apply Consensual Qualitative Research (CQR). Although in the pursuit for structure, management researchers may be cautious of using qualitative research, CQR offers a structured qualitative research design option. The article explains how an adapted CQR design aligns well with most structured qualitative research methods. To describe an adapted CQR method, a research example based in Management Studies was used. This research example involved the development of a comprehensive theoretical framework that identified the various components of organisational reputation and reputation management and aimed at describing the role of social media within this framework. The primary research design of the research example consisted of two phases. The first phase comprised of an organisational policy document analysis. The second phase consisted of qualitative...
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Relation of parks and adjacent land is of great importance as it is a key factor to fix the value of land in proximity to parks. There is a general know how that there are some differences in prices of plots that are in front and away from parks but there is no any study on what extent these difference of prices are prevailing and what are the key factors relating to parks that contribute in fixing varying prices of plots near and away from parks. This research thesis is an effort to measure the exact percentage difference of prices of residential plots that are in proximity and away from parks. As well as to determine the key factors relating to parks that has great influence on the adjacent land prices. For comments and further details contact: [email protected]
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Summer and Autumn Course Brochure
The Learning Partnership course brochure for Summer and Autumn
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Pack of FIVE: Best Selling Lab Related Webinars byGlobalCompliancePanel
FDA issued a guidance document covering GMP requirements for Phase 1 products. These guidelines remove some of the problems that are encountered with early phase products and are in addition to those that cover the CMC sections for IND submissions at Phase 1
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