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The essential kitten : total care, training, companionship, feeding and grooming your kitten, keeping your pet healthy
Published on 04/30/2010
Document details: 104 pages. 40 downloads.

The lost pet chronicles : adventures of a K-9 cop turned pet detective
Published on 11/01/2011
Document details: 274 pages. 17 downloads.

Pawfect pet trainer
Published on 12/28/2012
Document details: 30 pages. 12 downloads.

Puppies : keeping and caring for your pet
Published on 07/17/2018
Document details: 82 pages. 2 downloads.

Training you to train your cat
Describes how to teach behavior and tricks to the pet often considered too independent for training
Published on 03/19/2010
Document details: 138 pages. 36 downloads.

Training your Labrador retriever
Published on 06/18/2012
Document details: 166 pages. 21 downloads.

House and pet dogs; their selection, care and training; with portraits of prize winning specimens of all principal breeds
Published on 07/11/2007
Document details: 136 pages. 1540 downloads.

Fast PET reconstruction using Multi-scale Fully Convolutional Neural Networks
Reconstruction of PET images is an ill-posed inverse problem and often requires iterative algorithms to achieve good image quality for reliable clinical use in practice, at huge computational costs. In this paper, we consider the PET reconstruction a dense prediction problem where the large scale contextual information is essential, and propose a novel architecture of multi-scale fully convolutional neural networks (msfCNN) for fast PET image reconstruction. The proposed msfCNN gains large receptive fields with both memory and computational efficiency, by using a downscaling-upscaling structure and dilated convolutions. Instead of pooling and deconvolution, we propose to use the periodic shuffling operation from sub-pixel convolution and its inverse to scale the size of feature maps without losing resolution. Residual connections were added to improve training. We trained the proposed msfCNN model with simulated data, and applied it to clinical PET data acquired on a Siemens mMR scanner. The results from real oncological and neurodegenerative cases show that the proposed msfCNN-based reconstruction outperforms the iterative approaches in terms of computational time while achieving comparable image quality for quantification. The proposed msfCNN model can be applied to other dense prediction tasks, and fast msfCNN-based PET reconstruction could facilitate the potential use of molecular imaging in interventional/surgical procedures, where cancer surgery can particularly benefit.
Published on 06/30/2018
Document details: 136 pages. 1540 downloads.

My cat : how to have a happy, healthy pet
Published on 10/03/2018
Document details: 54 pages. 1 download.

How to start a home-based pet care business
Published on 08/21/2012
Document details: 294 pages. 30 downloads.
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