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Pet Care Trust quality assurance standard for pet retailers
The Pet Care Trust Quality Assurance Standard for Pet Retailers is a new retail standard for the inspection of pet retailers. It sets out agreed levels of good practice. Participating retailers are independently inspected by the specially trained and qualified staff from SAI Global - one of the largest inspection and certification bodies in the world. This is the first publication in a planned series of standards to apply to a range of pet care specialists. This Quality Assurance Standard for Pet Retailers introduces a common standard for inspection that all pet retailers can follow. It is important both for retailers who sell pets and for those who sell just pet food and accessories and want to prove that their staff training, knowledge and systems are the best.The application of assessment criteria by a third party, in this case SAI Global, benefits the general public, businesses and any animals concerned as it provides the assurance of a shared standard against which retailers are inspected. The Quality Assurance Standards for Pet Retailers will give the pet-owning public reassurance about the health and welfare of the animals and about the specialist knowledge of the approved retailer.This inspection standard has been developed by the Pet Care Trust's Animal Welfare Advisory Group which is made up of pet industry experts and includes a vet, zoologist, small animal breeders, a solicitor versed in animal welfare issues and pet retailers. On the fish section the Pet Care Trust also worked closely with the Ornamental Aquatics Trade Association (OATA).
Published by The Stationery Office on 06/16/2009
Book details: 89 pages.

Pet Care Kids
Perform this script about two kids who set up a pet care business to save money to buy a dog.
Author: Ruth Romer
Published by Benchmark Education Company on 01/01/2004
Book details: 16 pages.

Natural Pet Care
Right now, there are more pets in America than people, and many count their pets among the most beloved members of their family. However, a surprising number of pet owners are not aware that the lifestyle they provide their companions may not be a healthy one. Gary Null has helped countless Americans inprove their diets and their health with his natural approach to healthy living and scepticism of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Now, with Natural Pet Care , he carefully and compassionately lays out the ways we can improve our pets’ health and lives. Natural Pet Care includes "Animals on the Move", which explains the importance of proper exercise, "Everybody in the Tub!", which covers natural bathing and grooming products and techniques, "The Impetuous Pet", which helps in understanding your animal’s behavior, and appendices for those seeking holistic veterinary care, pet friendly lodgings and animal friendly organizations. Natural Pet Care also provides sources for natural pet foods and products, while scrutinizing the pet food industry. He describes, for instance, that almost any dog owner would be horrified to learn what really goes into most commercial dog foods—even some of the more expensive brands—including "slaughterhouse throwaways" and diseased animal parts. As an alternative, Null offers "The Tao of Chow," in which he recommends countless natural alternatives that can easily be made at home—recipes included—and which can prolong and improve your pet's life. With this book on your reference shelf, you and your spectacular pet will be ready to tackle anything naturally! Natural Pet Care deals extensively with the health of dogs and cats, but also is devoted to other common pets, including birds, rabbits, ferrets, fish, horses, rodents, and snakes. Long overdue, Gary Null's Natural Pet Care will help pet owners provide their furry, feathered, and scaled companions with the healthy lifestyle they need and deserve.
Author: Gary Null
Published by Seven Stories Press on 01/04/2011
Book details: 280 pages.

Dog Care
"Describes information and tips on dog care"--Provided by publisher.
Author: Tammy Gagne
Published by Capstone on 07/01/2011
Book details: 32 pages.

Living With an Older Dog
How to recognise and understand the changes – both mental and physical – that occur as your dog ages; how to manage these changes successfully, and thus how to make the senior canine years more enjoyable and fulfilling for both you and your beloved companion.
Published by Veloce Publishing Ltd on 04/15/2011
Book details: 128 pages.

How to Start a Home-Based Pet Care Business
From advice on zoning and insurance to pet grooming and health issues, this guide can help you hit the ground running. Learn how to price competitively, attract clients, and build your reputation as a professional groomer, dog walker/pet sitter, or obedience trainer.
Published by Rowman & Littlefield on 03/01/2006
Book details: 288 pages.

Pet Care Givers and Families
Full of concrete, detailed examples of what pet owners can do to improve and empower their relationships with their pets, this book draws on the author’s experiences working as a pet care professional to provide advice about various services owners can access including dog playgroups, dog walkers, cat visitors, and pet sitters.
Published by Rowman & Littlefield on 09/03/2015
Book details: 252 pages.

Small Animal Care and Management
This second edition book explores the care and management of small or companion animals. It includes units on history, characteristics of different species, housing, equipment, handling, reproduction, diseases, and ailments. Key words, discussion questions, and activities engage readers and help them monitor their progress. Full-color photos help readers easily identify different species. This second edition includes related Internet sites for further study. This comprehensive text is useful for anyone interested in the care of small animals.
Published by Cengage Learning on 07/16/2019
Book details: 434 pages.

Why Does My Rabbit...?
Rabbits are popular domesticated pets, but many develop problems because of living conditions that do not allow them to follow their behavioral instincts. This guide to troubleshooting rabbit behavior clues owners in to the history of the domesticated rabbit and describes how rabbits live and breed. Common problems among rabbit owners are discussed, as are probable causes for irregular behavior, including instincts that make rabbits behave in certain ways. Both hutch and house rabbits, as well as troubles specific to each, are covered.
Author: Anne McBride
Published by Souvenir Press Ltd on 01/02/2011
Book details: 208 pages.

Natural Pet Care
The essential guide to keeping pets in tip-top condition. Natural Pet Care explains how to keep cats, dogs, rabbits and guines pigs happy and healthly. This valuable book covers: How to develop and maintain excellent health using natural methods How to understand the real nutritional needs of an animal - and not rely on the claims of manufacturers How to provide better, natural food with more vitamins and minerals How to treat many common ailments using natural methods where possible How to improve breeding practices to avoid degenerative diseases PAT COLEBY is a qualified vet, with many years of experience both in Australia and overseas, and is also the author of NATURAL HORSE CARE.
Author: Pat Coleby
Published by Hachette Australia on 03/01/2013
Book details: 176 pages.
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