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Let's celebrate pet birds : pet bird care
Published on 02/22/2012
Document details: 214 pages. 25 downloads.

Pet care
Photographs and simple text show ways to keep various pets happy and healthy, including their feeding, washing, grooming, and training
Published on 02/22/2012
Document details: 24 pages. 16 downloads.

Encyclopedia of pets & pet care : the essential family reference guide to pet breeds and pet care
A color-illustrated guide to daily care and health care for cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils and birds, rats and mice, chinchillas, finches, parrots, herptiles and invertebrates, and fish, which features cat and dog breed profiles and covers choosing the right pet, feeding, grooming, breeding, training, and equipment
Published on 06/25/2013
Document details: 522 pages. 37 downloads.

Care for a pet chameleon
Published on 09/13/2018
Document details: 42 pages. 2 downloads.

Care for a pet parrot
Published on 06/09/2018
Document details: 42 pages. 9 downloads.

Care for a pet bunny
Published on 07/14/2018
Document details: 42 pages. 2 downloads.

Care for a pet horse
Published on 09/11/2018
Document details: 40 pages. 2 downloads.

Care for a pet tarantula
Published on 10/03/2018
Document details: 42 pages. 4 downloads.

Professional Pet Care LLC
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Published on 09/17/2018
Document details: 42 pages. 1 download.

Pet Care System Based On Android Application
In this paper we present Pet Care System which is based on android Application. The objective of this system is to provide non-exhausting way to take care of your pet based on mobile application. We describe the design approaches and functional components of this system. The system was developed based on domestic pets experts. The results were divided into 2 parts: developing the mobile application for advice users and analysing the functionality of the application, by the research purposes. Design of the application and functionality of the system were described. Vanshri Saswadkar | Veena Paygude | Priyanka Dudhe | Priyanka Garad | Rama Gaikwad"Pet Care System Based On Android Application" Published in International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development (ijtsrd), ISSN: 2456-6470, Volume-2 | Issue-4 , June 2018, URL:
Published on 07/17/2018
Document details: 42 pages. 6 downloads.
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