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The author looks in detail at the grade examinations and diplomas offered by private boards, and considers the new GCSE examinations in oral communication and Drama and Theatre Arts.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9780419144601

Understanding and improving performance in organizations is the topic of this book. Most books on performance are written from a singular point of view and do not effectively integrate objective, subjective, and cognitive perspectives on performance. Performance: The Dynamic of Results in Colleges and Universities bridges this gap by bringing readers into contact with different dimensions or domains of performance and describing the contribution of each to what organizations do, how they are perceived, and what they must do to improve.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9781442208339

Performance uses the alphabet as an organizational device to present a series of short pieces that approach performance from multiple perspectives and various compositional strategies. Pelias's essays, poetry, dialogue, personal narratives, quick speculations, and other literary genres explore the key themes in this field, encapsulating the essence of performance studies for the novice and providing food for thought for the expert. Its brief, evocative, and reflexive pieces introduce performative writing as a method of research for those in performance and many other fields.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines. ISBN: 9781611322866

Performance Hoof, Performance Horse
Many horses will, at some point during their lives, suffer hoof problems which, in extreme cases, can cause permanent lameness. So why should oustandingly healthy, hardworking feet be a relative rarity? Performance Hoof, Performance Horse explores the idea that, given the right conditions, healthy hooves are not difficult to maintain and neither do they need much in the way of human intervention, and that the unshod or 'barefoot' horse can be tough, strong and sure-footed. The book offers practical advice on how best to work with a horse with compromised feet in terms of nutrition, surfaces and exercise in order to restore its hooves to optimum condition. Topics covered include: assessing hooves and hoof balance; the pros and cons of trimming; fixing problem feet; and developing stronger hooves. Fully illustrated with 87 colour photographs.
Category: Nature. ISBN: 9781908809704

Performance Measurement
Werner Gladen stellt in seinem Lehrbuch systematisch wichtige Kennzahlensysteme fr Analyse- und Steuerungszwecke vor. Konstruktiv und kritisch werden neue Anstze fr eine wertorientierte Unternehmenssteuerung diskutiert und verstndlich vermittelt. Der Autor legt einen deutlichen Schwerpunkt auf das moderne Performance Measurement, das neben monetren Ergebniskennzahlen auch nichtmonetre Vorlaufindikatoren umfasst und vor allem der Verhaltenssteuerung dienen soll. Wie gut die Performancemae diese Aufgabe tatschlich erfllen knnen, hngt von situativen Faktoren wie Mitarbeitermotivation, Informationsverteilung zwischen Mitarbeitern und Vorgesetzten, Ausgestaltung der Anreizsysteme und Innovationsgehalt der Aufgaben ab. Die Kontextabhngigkeit der Nutzung von Kennzahlen wird auf Basis aktueller Anstze des Controllings, des strategischen Managements und der Organisationslehre errtert. In der 6. Auflage wurden verschiedene Aspekte der wertorientierten Steuerung, wie Wertbeitrag des Working Capital Management, Relative Value of Growth sowie Nachhaltigkeit und Wertorientierung, ergnzt bzw. neu aufgenommen.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9783658051372

Galvanizing Performance
An application of the teachings of the Alexander Technique to the performing arts. This collection demonstrates how deliberate movement and specific practice in theatre, music, song and dance can improve the art form, as well as the artist's wellbeing.
Category: Body Mind & Spirit. ISBN: 9781785927201

Performance Projections
Film does far more than document performanceit actively recreates the time and space of performance and overhauls its rapport with the viewer's eye and body. The first book to look in-depth at the intersection of film and performance in relation to issues and theories of space, Performance Projections travels from the origins of film in Europe and the United States to the world of digital media today, exploring the dynamic relationship between these vitally connected ideas.             Drawing from a wide range of examplesincluding filmic depictions of German and Japanese and Chinese performance art and street culturesStephen Barber argues that the act of filming has the power to draw distinctively performative dimensions out of unruly human gatherings, such as riots and political protests, while also accentuating the outlandish and aberrant aspects of performance. Spanning the history of film, Barber moves from performance in film's formative years, such as Edward Muybridge's work in the 1880s, to contemporary performance artworksfor example, Rabih Mrou's investigations of the often lethal camera phone filming of snipers in Syrian cities. Proposing that the future conception of filmed performance needs to be radically expanded in response to the transformations of digital film cultures, Performance Projections is a critical addition to the literature on both film and art history.
Category: Art. ISBN: 9781780233697

Performance Measurement
The most important reason to develop a performance-measurement system is to make available an ongoing assessment process that accurately describes whether or not the goals of the organisation are or will be met. This Performance Measurement Rapid Skill Builder booklet explains how this can be achieved.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9781906612382

Marketing Performance
Drive marketing ROI with an investor's mindset and a proven toolkit Top marketers today don't shy away from financial accountability. In fact, they actively seek to account for the return on their companies' investments in marketing because they want their budget to make a difference for their brands and for their business: more relevant messages, more effective campaigns, more satisfied customers, more profitable promotions, higher returns to shareholders. If this is how you think about marketing, this book is for you. It is a book for CMOs who adopt an investor's mindset, and it deals with the most pressing marketing performance questions. This isn't a work of theory. This is a hands-on guide to better marketing for top managers, neatly packaged into ten concise chapters that are just right for a short-haul flight. Learn how to: Increase sales with smarter fund allocation Reduce marketing costs without sacrificing effectiveness Strengthen the role of marketing with quantified ROI Build capabilities for sustainable performance improvements Marketing Performance delivers expert insight, a wealth of proven success factors, and real-life case studies that will help you drive marketing performance and grow your business.
Category: Business. ISBN: 9781119278337

Holden's Performance
Holden's Performance by award-winning author Murray Bail is the story of Holden Shadbolt, a guileless and matter-of-fact innocent as he passes through the cities and landscape of Australia. His reassuring silent presence and photographic memory make him useful to men of power and women who appear to need his protection. He is surrounded by larger than life figures whose exploits and adventures Holden followsex-Corporal Frank 'Bloodnut' McBee, the scrap dealer who woos his mother; his uncle Vern, a shortsighted proofreader who likes facts and eating newspaper with is breakfast cereal; and the crippled artist Harriet, whose twists and curves appeal to Holden as he holds to his own unswervingly straight lines.
Category: Fiction. ISBN: 9780312420802
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