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Commanding United Nations Peacekeeping Operations - Sample Pages
This course was designed for military, police, and civilian students who may find themselves in leadership positions in peacekeeping operations, or for those wishing to understand the issues associated with commanding peacekeeping operations. It is useful for participants at the strategic, operational, or tactical level, and for senior and junior leaders on peacekeeping operations. Topics include UN Organs and Agencies, the Development of Peacekeeping Operations, the UN Charter, Definitions of Peacekeeping, Status of Forces, the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations, Peacekeeping Doctrine, UN Police, Selection and Preparation of Leadership, Regional Organizations, Sustainability and Logistical Support Requirements, MOUs, Contingent-Owned Equipment, Command and Control, Civil-Military Coordination, NGOs, Security, SOPs, National Contingents, Tactical Techniques for Military Commanders, Observation Posts, Patrols, Checkpoints, Convoy Escorts, etc. Enroll at
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A Gender Resource Package for Peacekeeping Operations
This gender resource package offers concrete guidance on how to identify the various gender issues in peacekeeping and how to integrate, or mainstream, gender into all aspects of peacekeeping. This improves the effectiveness with which peacekeeping operations discharge their mandates and is, therefore, integral to their success.
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Logistical Support to United Nations Peacekeeping Operations - Sample Pages
Revised in 2010 to reflect the changes to the United Nations Logistics system, this course introduces students to logistics operations in UN peace operations. This basic course gives the background and rationale behind United Nations Peacekeeping logistics, the strategy employed in the field and at Headquarters, introduces the mission life-cycle, explains how financial support is gained, and introduces the different components that make up integrated logistics support in a field mission. Eight lessons, 248 pages.
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Nigeria's Participation in Peacekeeping Operations
COTIPSO thesis submitted and approved by the Peace Operations Training Institute.
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Gender Perspectives in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations - Sample Pages
This course addresses the conceptual and operational issues involved in integrating a gender perspective into multidimensional peace operations. It describes the problems related to gender within contemporary armed conflict by contextualizing the evolution of gender relations within the history of world conflict. The course also explores many important concepts such as gender equity, gender balance, and gender equality, along with several underreported realities of conflict, such as sexual violence against males and sexual exploitation and abuse committed by UN peacekeepers. Invoking the various UN and non-UN instruments of human rights and gender equality, the course emphasizes the need for women to play a strategic role in all levels of decision-making in regional, national, and international institutes and mechanisms. Seven lessons.
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Principles and Guidelines for United Nations Peacekeeping Operations- Sample Pages
This course has been developed in consultation with the Peacekeeping Best Practices Section of the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations’ Policy, Evaluation and Training Division. It is based on the internal DPKO/DFS publication entitled United Nations Peacekeeping Operations: Principles and Guidelines, which is more widely known under its informal name Capstone Doctrine. This publication is a comprehensive document that defines and promulgates available peacekeeping doctrine, definitions, procedures, and policy. In ten chapters, it introduces the concept and evolution of UN Peacekeeping, explains the decision process that precedes the deployment of a peacekeeping operation, and then the planning process to implement that decision. It also discusses the art of successful mandate implementation and addresses the management of peacekeeping operations, how operations are supported and sustained, and how they are concluded at their termination.
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United Nations Civil Military Coordination (UN-CIMIC) - Sample Pages
United Nations civil-military coordination (UN-CIMIC) provides the interface between the military component of a UN peace operation and the political, humanitarian, developmental, human rights, and rule-of-law components of the mission, as well as many other external partners in the larger peacebuilding system. It is a crucial function of any complex peace operation because it is central to the mission achieving a system-wide impact on the conflict it is attempting to transform. UN-CIMIC officers must understand the role and functions of a broad variety of development and peacebuilding actors in order that they facilitate and coordinate the support that the peacekeeping force can provide to others in the mission, non-mission actors, and the local community, as appropriate.
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Ethics in Peacekeeping - Sample Pages
This course provides a basic overview and creates an understanding of the Ethics in Peacekeeping. Through the use of case studies and practical examples, this compilation aims to serve as a guideline for peacekeepers in the field and provides some perspectives concerning the major aspects of modern-day peacekeeping from an ethical point of view. Topics include: the Code of Conduct; Cultural Awareness; Gender and Peacekeeping; SEA and Human Trafficking; Child Protection; Human Rights; HIV/AIDS Awareness; and UN Guidelines and Procedures on Discipline for Uniformed Peacekeepers. Eight lessons, 132 pages.
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History of Peacekeeping 1997–2006 - Sample Pages
This course traces the retrenchment of UN peacekeeping operations in the late 1990s and early 21st Century, which led to a growth in the size, scope, and complexity of new and existing UN peacekeeping and peace enforcement operations. The course covers operations in Haiti, Guatemala, the Balkans, and Africa. Eight lessons, 330 pages.
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Journal of International Peace Operations Vol. 4 No. 4 (Jan-Feb 2009)
Tara Lee and Ryan Berry - SOFA Subjects Contractors to Iraqi Law | Paul Williams - MONUC has Little Success to Show | Henri Boshoff - From Ituri to North Kivu, a Lack of Vision | Doug Brooks - MONUC, Inc. | Ghada Mashamoun - An Interview with Dr. Mo Ibrahim | Lt. Col. Birame Diop - A Review of Peacekeeping in Africa | Norman L. Olsen - Iraq and the Lessons of Vietnam | Gary Sturgess - Contracting in the Seven Years War | Doug Brooks - Time for Germany to Pull its Weight in Peacekeeping | Amb. Herman Cohen (Ret.) - The Economic Important of Eastern DRC | J. J. Messner - We Don't Get No Respect
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