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Peace-Building without External Assistance: Lessons from Somaliland
This paper examines how the lack of recognition of Somaliland by the international community—and the consequent ineligibility for foreign financial assistance—has shaped Somaliland’s political development. It finds evidence that Somaliland’s ineligibility for foreign aid facilitated the development of accountable political institutions and contributed to the willingness of Somalilanders to engage constructively in the state-building process.
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Methods of Analysis and Research for Peace
Theory, Peace-Making, Peace Keeping, Conflict Transformation, Conflict literacy, Solution Literacy, Conflict Prevention, Violence Prevention, Violence, Solution-Orientation, Peace-Building, Peace Practice, Peace Studies, Diplomacy, Empathy, Justice, Nonviolence, Mediation, Gandhi, Solution Literacy
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Information as the Cause and Cure: How Technology Creates Modern-Day Conflicts
This report analyzes how information and communication technology has played a role in conflict situations and examines how these tools can also be used in post-conflict reconciliation, reconstruction and peace building.
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Account of peace building project in Rapareen Kirkuk Iraq Research paper
Peace Building Rapareen Kirkuk Iraq with Insan iraqi society
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Service News Worldwide - January 2010
January 2010 issue of Service News Worldwide, ICP's newsletter
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PSJ Vol 5 Issue 2 2012
Peace Studies Journal is a peer-reviewed free online academic journal dedicated to peace and conflict studies.
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Defying Victimhood: Women and Post-conflict Peacebuilding
Women are among the most competent, yet marginalized, unnoticed and underutilized actors in efforts to rebuild war-torn societies. Opportunities for sustainable peacebuilding are lost — and sustainable peace is at risk — when significant stakeholders in a society’s future peace and conflict architecture are excluded from efforts to heal the wounds of war and build a new society and a new state. The contributors to this book draw on comparative case and country studies from post-conflict contexts in different parts of world to offer their insights into frameworks for understanding women as both victims and peacebuilders, to trace the road that women take from victimhood to empowerment and to highlight the essential partnerships between women and children and how they contribute to peace. The authors examine the roles of women in political and security institutions.
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Health Diplomacy Monitor Volume 2 Issue 2
Volume 2 Issue 2
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Community Foundation NI Annual Report 2010-11
The annual report for the Community Foundation for Northern Ireland 2010-11.
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From Predation to Production Post-conflict
This paper builds an analytical framework that models predation (banditry) and production as part of the choice of a rational utility-maximising agent.
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