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Practical Electronics for Inventors, Fourth Edition
A Fully-Updated, No-Nonsense Guide to ElectronicsAdvance your electronics knowledge and gain the skills necessary to develop and construct your own functioning gadgets. Written by a pair of experienced engineers and dedicated hobbyists, Practical Electronics for Inventors, Fourth Edition, lays out the essentials and provides step-by-step instructions, schematics, and illustrations. Discover how to select the right components, design and build circuits, use microcontrollers and ICs, work with the latest software tools, and test and tweak your creations. This easy-to-follow book features new instruction on programmable logic, semiconductors, operational amplifiers, voltage regulators, power supplies, digital electronics, and more.Practical Electronics for Inventors, Fourth Edition, covers:
  • Resistors, capacitors, inductors, and transformers
  • Diodes, transistors, and integrated circuits
  • Optoelectronics, solar cells, and phototransistors
  • Sensors, GPS modules, and touch screens
  • Op amps, regulators, and power supplies
  • Digital electronics, LCD displays, and logic gates
  • Microcontrollers and prototyping platforms
  • Combinational and sequential programmable logic
  • DC motors, RC servos, and stepper motors
  • Microphones, audio amps, and speakers
  • Modular electronics and prototypes
Published by: McGraw-Hill Education TAB | Publication date: 04/05/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 1052 pages

Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering provides an overview of the basics of electrical and electronic engineering that are required at the undergraduate level. The book allows students outside electrical and electronics engineering to easily
Published by: Pearson | Publication date: 03/21/2011
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 740 pages

Complete Electronics Self-Teaching Guide with Projects
An all-in-one resource on everything electronics-related! For almost 30 years, this book has been a classic text for electronics enthusiasts. Now completely updated for today's technology, this latest version combines concepts, self-tests, and hands-on projects to offer you a completely repackaged and revised resource. This unique self-teaching guide features easy-to-understand explanations that are presented in a user-friendly format to help you learn the essentials you need to work with electronic circuits. All you need is a general understanding of electronics concepts such as Ohm's law and current flow, and an acquaintance with first-year algebra. The question-and-answer format, illustrative experiments, and self-tests at the end of each chapter make it easy for you to learn at your own speed.
  • Boasts a companion website that includes more than twenty full-color, step-by-step projects
  • Shares hands-on practice opportunities and conceptual background information to enhance your learning process
  • Targets electronics enthusiasts who already have a basic knowledge of electronics but are interested in learning more about this fascinating topic on their own
  • Features projects that work with the multimeter, breadboard, function generator, oscilloscope, bandpass filter, transistor amplifier, oscillator, rectifier, and more
You're sure to get a charge out of the vast coverage included in Complete Electronics Self-Teaching Guide with Projects!
Published by: Wiley | Publication date: 07/09/2012
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 576 pages

Altium Designer 14电路设计与仿真从入门到精通 (Chinese Edition)
《Altium Designer 14电路设计与仿真从入门到精通》以Altium的最新版本Altium Designer 14为平台,讲解了电路设计的方法和技巧,主要包括Altium Designer 14概述、原理图简介、原理图的环境设置、原理图的基础操作、原理图的高级应用、层次化原理图设计、电路仿真系统、PCB设计入门、PCB的高级编辑、电路板的后期制作、信号完整性分析、创建元件库及元件封装、可编程逻辑器件设计。为了体现Altium的高端分析功能,《Altium Designer 14电路设计与仿真从入门到精通》特意讲解了FPGA、VHDL编程等相关知识;最后通过各个方面的实例应用介绍,让读者在掌握电路绘图技术的基础上学会电路设计的一般方法和技巧。全书内容讲解详实,图文并茂,思路清晰。  随书光盘包含全书所有实例的源文件和操作过程录屏讲解动画,总时长达125分钟。  《Altium Designer 14电路设计与仿真从入门到精通》可以作为初学者的入门教材,也可以作为电路设计及相关行业工程技术人员及各院校相关专业师生的学习参考书。
Author: 李瑞, 耿立明
Published by: 人民邮电出版社 | Publication date: 11/01/2014
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 456 pages

Zen of Analog Circuit Design
Zen of Analog Circuit Design RECENTLY UPDATED WITH NEW CONTENTFrom 2011 till 2013, I taught a course titled Analog Design for all which covered concepts starting with MOS transistors and progressed till the design of two-stage amplifiers. The course introduced concepts in a manner that led the student to the synthesis of new circuits, not merely their analysis. But I still felt that there was a more intuitive way to introduce Analog Circuit Design, one that would bring out the beauty of the subject so that the student could ‘stop and smell the roses’. But why a ‘Zen of Analog’…?Because the foundational concepts in Analog closely mirror human relationships! The purpose of this book is to take a simplified and intuitive path to unlock some profound secrets of Analog. The protagonist of this book is Ang-Lao, a medieval monk who brings his insights into the Analog world to solve the challenges in human relationships.The book addresses a problem statement that much of Analog Circuit Design tries to solve - how do you realize an ideal buffer? It starts with the simple concepts of voltage sources and current sources. From the I-V curve of the MOS transistor, we see how it behaves much like a Voltage controlled current source (VCCS). The inherent challenge in getting even a simple two-transistor circuit to work is the conflict arising from having two such current source-like elements in series. The digital inverter is shown to be one such circuit that can function like an analog amplifier, albeit over a narrow range of input voltage. The effect of loading on such a circuit is illustrated graphically and is shown as an added challenge in getting it to work in an analog manner. Having understood the complications involved, we see how through the strikingly simple but immensely powerful concept of feedback, one of the two transistors can be modified subtly to make it behave like a voltage source. In that process, we realize our first approximation to an ideal analog buffer. We then see how manifestations of the same concept leads us to the synthesis of a whole bunch of two transistor circuits - source followers, common source amplifiers with gm-load and with diode-connected load, and differential amplifiers . The concepts used in synthesis of such elegant circuits are also extended to the analysis of much more complex circuits, for example, a Voltage to Current (V2I) conversion circuit. We introduce the concept of small signal parameters, gm, gds, showing the calculations for the gain and output impedance of our circuits, and quantifying how good each of our buffers really are. The narrative switches between concepts of Electronics and the story of Aman-Ra, an engineer from Medieval Egypt. Struggling with his relationships, his guiding light is Ang-Lao, who teaches him the secret to happy relationships.For some, this book will signal the end of the fear of Analog. For others, it will be the start of a love story. Concepts coveredoI-V characteristics of Voltage & Current sourcesoIdeal & non-ideal sourcesoControlled sourcesoActive and passive elementsoI-V characteristics of a MOSFET oMOS transistor as a Voltage controlled current sourceoDigital inverter as Analog amplifieroOperating pointoCommon source (CS) amplifieroEffect of loading on a CS amplifieroFeedbackoHow can you make a MOSFET behave like a voltage source?oSynthesis of a CS amplifier with diode-connected loadoAnalysis of a V2I circuit including an introduction to current mirroroSynthesis of CS amplifier with gm-loadoSynthesis of source follower circuitoSmall signal parameters: gm, gdsoSmall-signal gain and output impedance oSynthesis of a differential amplifieroSynthesis of an Operational amplifier oRealizing the buffer using the Operational Amplifier
Author: Anand Udupa
Publication date: 06/01/2015
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 156 pages

Practical Electronics: A Complete Introduction: Teach Yourself
Now completely revised, Practical Electronics: A Complete Introduction covers the key areas of electronics you need to be confident in, whether you are a keen amateur hobbyist, an engineering student or a professional who wants to keep up to date. It outlines the basics in clear jargon-free English and provides added-value features like key ideas, memorable quotations and even lists of questions you might be asked in a seminar or exam.The book has been updated to remove complex and abstract technical thought and replace it with practical information that will be essential for students and general readers alike. It builds on basic principles such as simple circuits and switches, going on to explain how basic components can be used to form versatile digital systems, which can be combined and programmed to create new functional systems. It also covers microprocessor technology and microcontroller chips, showing how to program microcontrollers for learners wishing to explore this new technology. Practical Electronics employs the 'Breakthrough Method' to help you advance quickly at any subject, whether you're studing for an exam or just for your own interst. The Breakthrough Method is designed to overcome typical problems you'll face as learn new concepts and skills.- Problem: "I find it difficult to remember what I've read."; Solution: this book includes end-of-chapter summaries and questions to test your understanding.- Problem: "Lots of introductory books turn out to cover totally different topics than my course."; Solution: this book is written by a university lecturer who understands what students are expected to know.
Published by: Teach Yourself | Publication date: 05/05/2016
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 400 pages

Miss Pinkerton oder Ein Fall für die feine Gesellschaft: Kriminalroman (Scherz Krimi) (German Edition)
Schwester Hilde Adams sanfte Hände bringen Kranken Linderung – und dem Mörder einen Strick …Als der Neffe der alten Dame Selbstmord begeht, will die scharfsinnige Krankenschwester der Sache auf den Grund gehen und begibt sich damit in tödliche Gefahr. (Dieser Text bezieht sich auf eine frühere Ausgabe.)
Published by: FISCHER Digital | Publication date: 03/28/2018
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 178 pages

Festkörper (Lehrbuch Der Experimentalphysik, Band 6) (German Edition)
Der Band 6 "Festkörperphysik" beschäftigt sich in umfassender Weise– wie kein zweites Buch– mit dem gesamten Spektrum der Gebiete der Festkörperphysik: mit Kristallen und Oberflächen, mit Halbleitern und Magnetismus bis hin zur Supraleitung. Jedes Kapitel wird von Experten auf diesem Gebiet dargestellt und umfasst die Grundlagen bis zu den Anwendungen unter Einbeziehung der neuesten Erkenntnisse. Pluspunkte:
  • umfassende Behandlung aller theoretischen und anwendungsorientierten Probleme der Festkörperphysik,
  • geeignet als intensive Prüfungsvorbereitung,
  • umfangreiches Literaturverzeichnis im Anhang an jedes Kapitel.
Published by: De Gruyter | Publication date: 08/22/2008
Kindle book details: Kindle Edition, 873 pages