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Our Product Range & Quality Assurance Criteria

Quality Control Inspection: Quality control inspection is carried out 100 % during manufacturing and at final stages. In the final stage if less than (2%) Rejected pieces found from the lot then Lot will approve for Dispatch, No more further inspection will require. If more than (2%) Rejected pieces found from the lot then Lot will reject & 100% re-inspection will require. Further more QA designated person performs the 4% inspection to assure product quality. If single piece found reject in Q.A Inspection (4%), then complete lot will be re-inspected. The Statistical techniques identified in the company are: Bar Graphs,Cause and Effect Diagram, Pareto Diagram,Control Charts,Overall quality on manufacture fault (Pits, Cuts, Scratches, and Finish etc) is checked manually & visually by trained inspectors. Critical measurements as per technical drawings are checked with calibrated vernier calipers & steel rulers. Relevant inspection checklists are available for reference if necessary.
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NACE Rev. 2 -EN

NACE Rev. 2 - Statistical classification of economic activities is a detailed publication containing the structure of the classification, the introductory guidelines containing the main concepts, a historical background and the methodological guidelines for understanding and applying the classification as well as a detailed description of the different items of NACE Rev. 2. ◘ http://epp.eurostat.ec.europa.eu/statistics_explained/index.php/NACE_backgrounds ◘ http://epp.eurostat.ec.europa.eu/cache/ITY_OFFPUB/KS-RA-07-015/EN/KS-RA-07-015-EN.PDF
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UNICEF Handbook on Water Quality

This handbook provides an introduction to all aspects of water quality, with a particular focus on the areas most relevant to professionals working in developing countries. It covers the effects of poor water quality, quality monitoring, the protection of water supplies, methods for improving water quality, and building awareness and capacity related to water quality. Finally, the handbook provides an extensive set of links to key water quality references and resources.
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ISIC Rev.4

ISIC Rev.4 International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities, Rev.4 in English. http://unstats.un.org/unsd/publication/seriesM/seriesm_4rev4e.pdf http://unstats.un.org/unsd/cr/registry/regcst.asp?Cl=27
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ISIC Series M, No. 4, Rev. 4, 2008

International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC) Series M, No. 4, Rev. 4, Year 2008. http://unstats.un.org/unsd/cr/registry/regcst.asp?Cl=27
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Clearing the Waters: A focus on Water Quality Solutions

This publication addresses the urgency of controlling pollution and preserving water quality around the world. Water quality impacts human health, water quantity, livelihood, economic activity, and climate change. Emerging contaminants, population growth and urbanization present additional stresses to water quality. This publication quantifies these water-quality related issues and uses case studies to illustrate both problems and solutions.
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Demm Engineering & Manufacturing September 2012

For over 40 years DEMM Engineering & Manufacturing magazine has kept New Zealand’s engineering, manufacturing and electrical industries up to date on the latest developments, equipment, technology, products and services – information vital for boosting production and containing costs. It delivers more value for its readers with well-written feature stories that focus on specific manufacturing, engineering and electrical solutions
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Demm Engineering & Manufacturing November 2011

DEMM Engineering & Manufacturing – is the gateway to the New Zealand engineering and manufacturing industries
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Technology of Clothing Manufacture

4th Edition
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Australian Timberman

September 2012 issue
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