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Outsourced Software Development – The Tactical Edge

To meet the inherent need, organizations either use their information technology wing to develop the required software or rely on outsourced software development services. Outsourcing of technology can include software solutions, applications or outsourced product development services.
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Outsourced Offshore Custom Healthcare Software Application Development

Despite several changes in the healthcare sector, healthcare enterprises realize they have to put systems into place that can enhance application maintenance effectively. There is a fair amount of information constantly in transaction between healthcare enterprises and insurance companies, and healthcare enterprises need to safeguard this data and be assured that they are abiding with compliance regulations as well.
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GlobalLogic- SaaS Capabilities

The software industry is witnessing a paradigm shift in the way software solutions are being delivered. Today more and more businesses are adopting SaaS (Software as a Service) as an effective, affordable alternative to the traditional model of packaged software.
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This e-book provides various articles related to Software development outsourcing. From this e-book you will come to know about 1. Software Development Outsourcing 2. Mobile Applications 3. Web Applications 4. Business Solutions and about 5. Portal Solutions
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Bootstrapping a Software Product Development Effort

Software companies need to take concepts to products quickly so that they can reach the market faster. However, in this process, sometimes they end up building a monster application, which upon maturity, companies have to spend tons of time and money in scaling.
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Software Development – The problem is of plenty, not scarcity

Software developers often are faced with a bewildering array of choices while developing software. Oftentimes frameworks, tools and technologies are mandated by client organizations to development teams. It is very possible that the team members are not exposed to at least one of the important technologies, tools or frameworks.
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Understanding the Phases of Software Product Development

Companies are demanding customized software solutions instead of personalized solutions due to the advancement in technology. With a Software Product Development solution, a company can find the exact solutions for specific requirements. Software companies understand the importance of customers in their business and there have a special emphasis on the Software Product Development
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Importance of Software Product development Life Cycle

Today many outsourced software product development company offer software application solution but they are not fully aware of software product development life cycle. Rightway is India based Software product engineering company provide comprehensive software development solution to end users as per their needs.
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Importance of Healthcare software development

Healthcare IT has grown by leaps and bounds and it is therefore no wonder that we see new opportunities emerge in this ever evolving sector. Healthcare software basically concerns with tools (software solutions) that can help healthcare sector (namely hospitals, clinics, doctors etc.) to easily manage records and also efficiently cater to the ever-changing technology and regulatory landscape.
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Software Development Company

Gartner has estimated that 80% of all software development projects will make use of agile custom application development services for custom software development projects in 2012.
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