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On Organizational Configurations
To manage organizations in ways that will make our society manageable, we need to spark innovations in management. Consider the organization in which you work. What configuration does it have and what does that tell you? What might you do to enhance the strengths and minimize the weaknesses of its structure?
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Support Animal Organizations in saving creatures on our planet
Earth is home to all creatures including animals, and this fact should be accepted by all the humans. As the animal population is disappearing at an alarming rate around the world every single person should take a step to ahead to help in this cause and support Organizations for Animal Cruelty and abuse to make a safer place for animals to live in.
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Carolina Guimaraes, master thesis: Social Media, a new tool for public organizations
Social media has grown not only in terms of numbers of users worldwide but also in influence. Its interactive and social nature provide opportunities for public organizations and reinforce commitments to transparency, accountability and participation, put forth via E-government and Open government programs. This thesis proposes six benefits for public organizations using social media: participation, image change, marketing, transparency, advice giving, and connecting with other organizations. These are later tested for empirical evidence against 15 organizations (13 in Germany, 1 American and 1 Canadian)
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Social Capital Management in Iranian Knowledge-Based Organizations
The importance of social capital and its effective management approach in organizations, particularly knowledge-based organizations, for assuring their ongoing and sustainable development and competitive advantage has been a matter of serious discussion in recent years. Considering the ongoing expansion and growth of knowledge-based organizations in Iran and the role and importance of their social capital in further development of Iranian society, an effective system of management of their social capital is a matter of concern of their top managers. Therefore, a blend (quantitative and qualitative) multiple case study was conducted with a selected number of knowledge-based organizations with different sizes to assess their existing social capital, to identify factors which might have positive or negative impacts on the promotion of their social capital and to propose an effective approach for its management. To conduct the study, a purposive sample of fifteen large organizations...
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ESU Student Senate Handbook for Recognized Clubs & Organizations
This comprehensive booklet provides students and advisors the information they need to get a club or orgnaization recognized and funded by the ESU Student Activity Association's Student Senate. And, once recognized, this manual gives the information needed to operate those recognized clubs and organizations. Many resources to student organizations are presented along with the rules & responsibilites that come with them.
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Quick Guides for Policy Makers 6; COMMUNITY-BASED ORGANIZATIONS
This Quick Guide examines how community organizations can be valuable and resoureful partners when it comes to finding viable solutions to their own housing roblems. It looks at how community organizations have developed in Asia, how they function and what tools they use, which are useful for policy makers, in particular in the context of decentralization.
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Protest against the Unruly behavior towards animals
Whenever a man needs a pet he gets it, so he should take complete responsibility of this creature. Dogs are considered as man’s best friend, then why do people forget these creatures when going out for a vacation or a family trip.
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Quick Guide 6: Community-based organizations
This Quick Guide 6 considers how governments and policy makers can work together with community-based organizations to address the problems that poor people experience in urban settlements, and find viable long-term solutions to their housing needs.
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Dickinson Groups & Organizations Directory
Dickinson Groups & Organizations Directory is a valuable tool for finding contact information for our local clubs, service organizations and groups in the Dickinson area.
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2011 Directory of Member Companies and Organizations Part 1 of 2
Published every January, the SAME Directory of Member Companies and Public Agencies is a powerful resource that details the engineering capabilities and expertise of each SAME member organization. Available year-round on the SAME website and in print, the Directory now includes a state-by-state section that lists member companies geographically by Post affiliation, making it as easy as ever to connect with the organizations and individuals to help you succeed in the A/E/C field. The Directory of Member Companies and Organizations contains detailed member profiles that include corporate contact information as well as company size, office locations and key leadership listings. Be sure to see part 1: And part 2:
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