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Oracle Night
Several months into his recovery from a near-fatal illness, thirty-four-year-old novelist Sidney Orr enters a stationery shop in the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn and buys a blue notebook. It is September 18, 1982, and for the next nine days Orr

Everyday Oracles
It could be a cloud in the shape of a loved one's face or an extremely relevant song playing on the radio at the exact time of a friend's death-if we allow ourselves to stop, look, and listen, we can identify what spiritual teacher Ann Bolinger-M

Transforming Oracle
During the Greek Dark Ages, Oreste and his brother, Teris, approach the remote village of Delphi looking for a day's labor. They are surprised to learn the priestess of Delphi's oracle's, Aellai, wreaks havoc in the lives of locals

The Last Oracle
In Washington D.C, a homeless man dies in Commander Gray Pierce's arms, shot by an assassin's bullet. But the death leaves behind a greater mystery: a bloody coin found clutched in the dead man's hand, an ancient relic that traces back to the Gre

Bridget Davis has been running from an unknown past and an unseen enemy for as long as she can remember. All she knows is what her mother has told her: she is an oracle whose special abilities are about to manifest. But just as she is ready to beg

Nature's Oracle
W.D.Hamilton (1936-2000) was responsible for a revolution in thinking about evolutionary biology - a revolution that changed our understanding of life itself. He played a central role in the realization that what matters in evolution is not the su

Histoire des Oracles
Histoire des Oracles

Dream Oracle Series: The Scorpion
Jacqueline and Charles' love is threatened by powerful men who want them dead. They call upon their special friend Tina to help them. She convinces mercenaries Sapphire and Kyle to help Jacqueline and Charles. Both mercenaries were former captains

Oracle Quest
How do you lose the magic of your childhood? By growing up and discovering that rent, food, and health insurance take the place of pixie dust, fairytales and imagination. Just when she's resigned herself to the boring fate of being an adult, imagine Katie Gaber's surprise when she finds herself thrust into a parallel dimension to our own, a Land where she is an all powerful Oracle. In the Land, Katie embarks on an historic quest to save the Prince of the Land and restore him to the throne before Evil manages to upset the delicate balance between good and evil in an effort to overtake the dimension. Along the way she rediscovers magic and herself, and comes to rely on both to reach the fulfillment of her journey. The first in a series, Oracle Quest introduces you to a world where the ordinary become extraordinary, and where one person can, indeed, make a difference.

The Oracle of Stamboul
Set in the heart of the exotic Ottoman Empire during the first years of its chaotic decline, Michael David Lukas' elegantly crafted, utterly enchanting debut novel follows a gifted young girl who dares to charm a sultan-and change the course of hi

Oracle: Poems
A witty and elegiac new collection from the author of "exhilarating, fierce [and] powerful" verse (Robert Pinsky, Washington Post).The speakers of Oracle occupy the outer-borough cityscape of New Yor

Few of the felt human complexities are surges that are hidden without the slightest propensity for discovery. Some are in retrospect, while some are envisioned, in a sance, or even devoted faith. I have discovered mine in poetry. Some will find th

Oracle at Delphi
The predictions from the oracle at Delphi were known to be the most accurate in the ancient world. When King Croesus of Lydia sought the best oracular reading, he tested eight oracle sites and found the oracle at Delphi, the Pythiagoddess and prie

Oracle Exposed
Oracle Laura opens up her incredibly bizarre world to fully explain everything that is involved in being a Psychic, Medium, Healer and Psychic Detective, from seeing ghosts, living in haunted houses, talking to the dead, working with the police on

The Oracle of Baal
"The most puzzling aspect of Rosalinda Evelyn's suicide was that she shot herself with a in the head with a Magnum 8mm automatic just five hours after having won the Critics' Choice award for beat actress." In his most bizarre case, Anglo Indian Scot

The Oracle
The Oracle is a poetic description of the life of Jenny, from the novel, A Dark Knight of the Soul. The oracle is a fortune telling machine, which accurately and cryptically gives the lead character, a snapshot of the course of her fate.

For who is this book? This book is for all those wishing to protect their data stored in the RDBMS ORACLE. It assumes that the reader already knows the architecture of the Oracle database (9i Versions at minimum) Contents of the book The book com

Lady Oracle
From the author of the New York Times bestselling novels The Handmaid's Tale-now an Emmy Award-winning Hulu original series-and Alias Grace, now a Netflix original series. Joan Foster is the bored

The Oracle's Hatchling
Ling is hated because his birth killed his mother. He hopes that testing will ease his troubles-either his rank will be so low that everyone forgets about him, or it will be so high they'll be forced to respect him. What he doesn't expect is to wa

Oracle Bone
In 7th-century China, life is rife with magic, fox spirits, and demons. Xie, the demon lover of the empress Wu Zhao, believes he must possess the oracle bone, which will bestow immortal powers on him. In his way is Qilan, an eccentric Daoist nun
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