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Fundamentals of Optical Fibers

Fundamentals of Optical Fibersoffers students a timely, pedagogically consistent introduction to the fundamental principles of light propagation in fibers. In it, Professor John A. Buck reviews, in depth, fundamental waveguiding concepts, the influence of various fiber structures and materials on light transmission, nonlinear light propagation effects occurring in fibers, and various measurement techniques. Since the chief application of optical fibers is in communication systems, throughout the book the focus is on topics which pertain to that domain. In the first part of the text, the author lays the groundwork for later discussions with a detailed review of the relevant electromagnetic principles and how they apply to the analysis of wave propagation. He also introduces basic field equations and delineates the fundamental principles of dielectric wave-guides. In the second part, he explores the limitations of fiber transmission, paying particular attention to the problems of loss and dispersion. He reviews fabrication procedures and alternative fiber designs as they relate to minimizing loss and dispersion. And he presents field analysis methods for single mode and multimode fibers having graded index profiles. In the last part, Professor Buck reviews the basics of nonlinear optics and discusses the origins of nonlinear effects and the conditions under which they appear in fibers. This section also features a discussion of fiber amplifiers, along with a review of the fundamentals of light amplification by stimulated emission. Offering a well-balanced presentation of the basics of light propagation in fibers, and including real-world examples and end-of-chapter problems, Fundamentalsof Optical Fibers is an excellent text for senior- to graduate-level courses in electrical engineering or physics. It is accessible to anyone who has taken at least a one-semester course in electromagnetics at the undergraduate level.
Author: John A. Buck
Published by John Wiley & Sons on 04/27/2004
Book details: 332 pages.

Splicing of Optical Fibers

Published by Information Gatekeepers Inc on 01/01/1994
Book details: 126 pages.

An Introduction to Fiber Optics

Textbook on the physical principles of optical fibers - for advanced undergraduates and graduates in physics or electrical engineering.
Published by Cambridge University Press on 06/28/1998
Book details: 565 pages.

Optical Fiber Communication

The text book on Optical Fiber Communication describes the optical fiber with its low-loss and highbandwidth characteristics which has the potential to provide enormous capacity of transmitted data as compared to electronic means. This book will describe the fundamental operation and recent advances in the exciting area of optical fiber communication systems. Salient Features Designing and analyzing a viable optical transmission system in the form of Analog and Digital Links. Coverage of recent developments pertaining to field of Optical Fibers. Coverage of Advance Optical Technology i.e., Optical Networks, Optical Amplifiers, Optical Switches, WDM Concepts.
Published by McGraw-Hill Education
Book details: 565 pages.

Fiber Optics in Buildings

Published by Information Gatekeepers Inc on 01/01/1994
Book details: 362 pages.

Optical Fiber Communications

Author: V.S.Bagad
Published by Technical Publications on 01/01/2009
Book details: 332 pages.

Advanced Fiber Optics

This book provides a comprehensive treatment of the field of modern fiber optics, beginning with the basics of the field summarized in an introductory chapter. Expert contributors then topics such as polarization effects in optical fibers; photonic crystal fibers; highly-doped optical fibers; non-linear effects; amplification and lasing in optical fibers; supercontinuum generation, Rayleigh and inelastic scattering with applications to sensing; optical fiber point sensors, and polymer optical-fiber-based sensors.
Author: Luc Thevenaz
Published by CRC Press on 04/04/2011
Book details: 300 pages.

Optical Communication

Optical Fibers Evolution of fiber optic system - Element of an optical fiber transmission link - Ray optics - Optical fiber modes and configurations - Mode theory of circular waveguides - Overview of modes - Key modal concepts - Linearly polarized modes - Single mode fibers - Graded index fiber structure. Signal Degradation in Optical Fibers Attenuation - Absorption losses, Scattering losses, Bending losses, Core and cladding losses, Signal distortion in optical waveguides - Information capacity determination - Group delay - Material dispersion, Waveguide dispersion, Signal distortion in SM fibers - Polarization mode dispersion, Intermodal dispersion, Pulse broadening in GI fibers - Mode coupling - Design optimization of SM fibers - RI profile and cut-off wavelength. Fiber Optical Sources and Coupling Direct and indirect bandgap materials - LED structures - Light source materials - Quantum efficiency and LED power, Modulation of a LED, Laser diodes - Modes and threshold condition - Rate equations - External quantum efficiency - Resonant frequencies - Laser diodes, Temperature effects, Introduction to quantum laser, Fiber amplifiers - Power launching and coupling, Lensing schemes, Fiber - to - Fiber joints, Fiber splicing. Fiber Optical Receivers PIN and APD diodes - Photodetector noise, SNR, Detector response time, Avalanche multiplication noise - Comparison of photodetectors - Fundamental receiver operation - Preamplifiers, Error sources - Receiver configuration - Probability of error - Quantum limit. Digital Transmission System Point-to-Point links system considerations - Link power budget - Rise - time budget - Noise effects on system performance - Operational principles of WDM, Solutions - Erbium-doped amplifiers. Basic on concepts of SONET/SDH network.
Author: V.S. Bagad
Published by Technical Publications on 01/01/2009
Book details: 237 pages.

Optical fiber communication

Published by Tata McGraw-Hill Education on 03/26/2019
Book details: 355 pages.

Fundamentals of Optical Fiber Communications

Fundamentals of Optical Fiber Communication, Second Edition is a seven-chapter tutorial text that considers fiber optic technology as applied to communications systems. This book is based on lectures presented at an annual short course entitled "Fiber Optic Communication Systems" at the University of California at Santa Barbara. The first chapter provides an overview of the ideal optical fiber waveguide, its information carrying capacity, degree of imperfection, and propagation of perturbed waveguide leading to intermodal coupling of power. The next chapters describe the basic optical fiber cable configuration, the coupling components for optical fiber waveguides, and the electroluminescent sources for fiber systems. These topics are followed by discussions of the features and application of photodiodes, the development of a physical model for photodetection, circuit models for various detector types, and a statistical or noise model for optical receiver performance prediction. The concluding chapters describe the theory and practice of receiver and transmitter design, as well as the design considerations for multiterminal networks. This book will be of value to communications engineers, designers, and researchers.
Published by Elsevier on 12/02/2012
Book details: 362 pages.
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