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Optical Fiber Waveguides

P.J.B. Clarricoats ( Ed.) Optical Fiber Waveguides ( IEE Reprint series 1 ) Peter Peregrinus Ltd 1975 Acrobat 7 Pdf 28.9 Mb. Scanned by artmisa using Canon DR2580C + flatbed option
Published on 03/26/2012
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Fundamentals of optical fiber communications

Published on 10/13/2010
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Fiber Optics - American Optical Company:

Fiber Optics - American Optical Company
Published on 09/24/2017
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Reduced Gravity Zblan Optical Fiber

Two optical fiber pullers have been designed for pulling ZBLAN optical fiber in reduced gravity. One fiber puller was designed, built and flown on board NASA's KC135 reduced gravity aircraft. A second fiber puller has been designed for use on board the International Space Station.
Published on 05/28/2011
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Integrated optical fiber lattice accumulators

Published on 04/25/2012
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Optical fiber communications

Published on 10/16/2014
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Optical and mechanical response of high temperature optical fiber sensors

The National Aerospace Plane (NASP) will experience temperatures as high as 2500 F at critical locations in its structure. Optical fiber sensors were proposed as a means of monitoring the temperature in these critical regions by either bonding the optical fiber to, or embedding the optical fiber in, metal matrix composite (MMC) components. Unfortunately, the anticipated NASP temperature ranges exceed the glass transition region of the optical fiber glass. The attempt is made to define the operating temperature range of optical fiber sensors from both optical and mechanical perspectives. A full non-linear optical analysis was performed by modeling the optical response of an isolated sensor cyclically driven through the glass transition region.
Published on 08/01/2010
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Optical fiber telecommunications

Includes bibliographies and index
Published on 02/12/2014
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DTIC ADA031390: Optical Fiber Testing.

Construction of a fiber pulling machine for producing special fibers is described. Results of strength tests on fibers are presented. (Author)
Published on 11/11/2015
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Optical fiber characterization

Published on 10/24/2014
Document details: 212 pages. 184 downloads.
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