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Centennial offers Contact Centre Operations Training and Courses

This piece of write up shows the importance and scope of Contact Centre Operations Training, Contact Centre Operations Course imparted at Centennial College. This 15-week certificate program will make students ready for a challenging and rewarding career in contact centre operations.
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Army Operations

Department of the Army Operations Manual.
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Move Into Managerial Positions Through Contact Centre Operations Training

Professionals within the contact centre operations industry must be able to communicate with a variety of people from all walks of life. They handle both incoming and outgoing calls and should have excellent communication skills.
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Become a Customer Service Expert via Contact Centre Operations

Contact Centre Operations is a fast-growing industry that deals with the customer service aspect of a company’s call centre. The professionals in this field must have both strong computer and communication skills to successfully help clients over the phone.
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GSUAF Football Operations Center

Georgia Southern University's Football Operations Center
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Journal of International Peace Operations Vol. 4 No. 4 (Jan-Feb 2009)

Tara Lee and Ryan Berry - SOFA Subjects Contractors to Iraqi Law | Paul Williams - MONUC has Little Success to Show | Henri Boshoff - From Ituri to North Kivu, a Lack of Vision | Doug Brooks - MONUC, Inc. | Ghada Mashamoun - An Interview with Dr. Mo Ibrahim | Lt. Col. Birame Diop - A Review of Peacekeeping in Africa | Norman L. Olsen - Iraq and the Lessons of Vietnam | Gary Sturgess - Contracting in the Seven Years War | Doug Brooks - Time for Germany to Pull its Weight in Peacekeeping | Amb. Herman Cohen (Ret.) - The Economic Important of Eastern DRC | J. J. Messner - We Don't Get No Respect
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Journal of International Peace Operations Vol. 4 No. 1 (Jul-Aug 2008)

Tara Lee - Redefining Inherently Governmental | Dr. Eirin Mobekk - Post-Conflict Civilian Police Training | David T. Johnson - U.S. Civilian Police Training Worldwide | Joseph Lacey-Holland - European Union Gendarmerie | Melinda Baker - Interview with Andrew Natisos | Paul LaFontaine - Considering Stadium Security | Hugo Guerrero - Perspective of a Third Country National | Dr. Phyllis J. Mihalas - United Nations Initiatives in Training | Doug Brooks - Who is Really Burdening the Military? | Amb. Herman Cohen (Ret.) - The Chinese in Africa: Threat or Promise? | J. J. Messner - Looking at the Industry by the Numbers | Alice Beauheim - South Africa and Nepal Tighten Laws
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Journal of International Peace Operations Vol. 5 No. 4 (January-February 2010)

George Joffe - The al-Houthi Rebellion in Yemen | Natalie Parke - Aid to Somalia | Leslie Anne Warner - Somali Piracy | Fiona Mangan - The Politics of Somaliland | Tara Lee - Somalia's Forgotten Graves | Shukria Dini - Peace Building Efforts of Somali Women | Jeff Dakers and Charlotte Gambling - Armored Vehicle Standards | Ian Ralby - Regulating PSCs in Sierra Leone | M. Ashraf Haidari - Afghan Democracy in Context | Doug Brooks - How Many Contractors is Too Many? | Naveed Bandali - Q&A with Amb. John Simon | Amb. Herman Cohen (Ret.) - Guinea: The Inevitable Tragedy | J.J. Messner - The Motives Behind the Franken Amendment | Gary Sturgess - The Color of Government | Col. Christopher Mayer (Ret.) - Accountability: The Way Ahead
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Journal of International Peace Operations Vol. 5 No. 5 (March-April 2010)

Johanna Mendelson-Forman - Haiti Faces Sginificant Hurdles to Reconstruction | Krista Hendry - Assessing Risk and Finding Opportunities | Eleanor Fraser, Adel Chaouch and Bernie McCabe - Security & Community Relations | Mike Faessler - Working with Local Security | Steve Mbogo - Police for Peace | Anthony Feinstein - Psychological Well-being in Conflict Zones | M. Ashraf Haidari - How Brazil Can Secure the Future of Afghanistan | Zaid Al-Ali - Stillborn Constitutionalism in Iraq | Charlotte Gambling - New SIGIR Report | Doug Brooks - Are Contractors Military? | Naveed Bandali - Q & A with Gen. Anthony Zinni (Ret.) | Amb. Herman Cohen (Ret.) - Sub-Saharan Africa and Islamic Terrorism | J. J. Messner - Constructive Reconstruction in Haiti | Gary Sturgess - Shakespeare on Military Contracting
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Streamlining 24x7 Operations and Crisis Response - Case Study

TBI abertis operates nine airports on three continents. The company had no efficient method of logging daily operational events and unforeseen crises. Employees were manually tracking events through a time-consuming management log, which was prone to human error, as well as difficult to update and share with other managers. TBI searched for online tools for rapidly sending alerts to key staff in the event of an emergency, aid the team in quickly resolving the situation, and provide a way to log an accurate, real-time record of activities. After an exhaustive search, TBI selected MissionMode's incident management and emergency notification system. This case study details how they are reducing the costs of routine and emergency disruptions.
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