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Choosing An Operating System Is Your Own Choice

Before buying a pc it is a good thing to verify al...
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How to Restore The iPad's Operating System

Do You Really Know Your Ipad? if you think you know visit http://vur.me/s/knowyourIpad
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Logo Maker for Mac Operating System

Logo is a small sign which holds a big responsibility of representing the firm and helps to create an independent place for the firm in the outside corporate market. It was only a few years back, when logo making was regarded as a frantic job and companies used to invest considerable amount of money and time for getting their logos designed.
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State of Android Operating System in June 2011

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Ongoing History of Android Operating System

When anyone discussed about mobile phone at that time the name of “Android” have been often discussed by them. Android is most successful handheld mobile in the market because it serves its features with every level of the people like a businessman with professional information and students with hot news and also a little child with interesting game.
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Operating System

Copyright © 2011 by INDIRA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT (MCA) PUNE This tutorial is purely compiled by referring different references by the faculty of Indira Institute of Management (MCA) Pune. It is published online with the help of ISSUU. No part of this tutorial may reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise}, without prior written permission of referred referees.
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Is Google‘s Open Source Android Operating System more exposed than the Walled Garden iOS From Apple?

Comparision between the security aspects or Android and iOS based on the reported vulnerablities
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Reasons for the failure of the Linux operating system

Data Recovery Software is advance software provides a regular back often data to a clean and a safe destination form where lost or formatted data can be recovered and do not suffer from the threat of being corrupted.
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How You Can Save Money On Your Utility Bills By Ensuring Your HVAC System Is Operating Efficiently

The system that is used to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer in both your home and your place of work is known as the HVAC system or heating, ventilation and air conditioning. This article explains more.
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Eight Pillars of an Effective Quality System

In the traditional compliance approach, Quality Assurance and Compliance are backroom cost centers, piling on non-value added requirements that detract from the company’s ability to innovate and be profitable.
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