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Basketballs, Not Three. Not Five. Four!
For decades basketball players have been simply classified as guards, forwards, and centers and for the most part it was very easy to immediately tell who was who. The smallest guys were the guards, the medium guys were the forwards, and the big slow guy was the center.
Uploaded by basketball-training on 04/24/2013
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Not Not Awesome
Free arts publication.
Uploaded by notnotawesome on 03/13/2013
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What Not to Wear (and How Not to Wear It)
A snarky fashion advice-filled alphabet book, complete with hilarious illustrations.
Uploaded by artzygrrl on 01/22/2012
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global food waste not want not
The tragedy of waste: A new report by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers has found that as much as 50% of all food produced around the world never reaches a human stomach due to issues as varied as inadequate infrastructure and storage facilities through to overly strict sell-by dates, buy-one-get-one free offers and consumers demanding cosmetically perfect food.
Uploaded by funverde on 01/09/2013
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Buyers Will not likely Buy It When They Can not Discover: Search Engine Marketing Suggestions
Be certain your hosting server is empowered to discover upper or even lower circumstance words on URLs. Obtaining decrease situation correspondence with your Web address may reduce the likelihood that guests wind up on the internet site.
Uploaded by rosefinn8 on 07/04/2013
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Cooking Organic Food from Scratch: Not Hard, Not Expensive
We were surprised to find that not only was it possible, but that other good things happened when we did eat so cheaply. We started feeling more energetic after only a week. Our moods improved.
Uploaded by cpaiva14 on 08/30/2009
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Not So Big, Not So Easy
article by Dan Maginn
Uploaded by eldoradoinc on 11/30/2010
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The Final Countdown with Retro (The World's Not Free, Not Yet)
The twelfth track of the concept album "IntroSpective Fusion and the Syndicate Revolution" written and composed by Con Chrisoulis. This song features two tracks, the first is the original 2005 demo recording with the co-writer, Vasilis Lolos, on bass, and the other is the final 2009 EP version performed by Autodivine and published by Jemma Press. You have to wait for the first track to end and then the second will play automatically.
Uploaded by conchrisoulis on 01/12/2012
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Prattfolio Spring 2008 "Waste Not Want Not Issue"
Pratt serves as a model of ecological stewardship in many ways. Pratt’s new building at 536 Myrtle Avenue is expected to receive LEED-Gold certification. Our academic director of sustainability is making ecological literacy an integral part of the Pratt curriculum, and our Information Technology Division is using technology to reduce paper waste. Pratt’s annual Green Week offers an overview of the efforts that have already been made by the Pratt community to green the campus and their professions. The weeklong series of events—gallery exhibitions, competitions, talks, films, and hands-on activities—inspire students and faculty to achieve new levels of creativity in solving the problems that face us. Pratt will continue to encourage sustainable practice at every level of the Institute and by our students, faculty, staff, and community. That change is sure to radiate out as our students and professionals interact with the world around us.
Uploaded by prattinstitute on 06/10/2011
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Not In Bankstown Not Anywhere Public Forum
Public Forum 6 Oct 11 - Why we need a moratorium on Government’s Income Management
Uploaded by sayno2gim on 09/28/2011
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