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Taken! North Korea's Criminal Abduction of Citizens of Other Countries
Committee for Human Rights in North Korea released this extraordinary report on North Korea’s forcible abductions of citizens. The report is based on numerous sources never before published in English and details how people of at least twelve nationalities have been abducted from fourteen countries around the world.
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Rescue Teams: RESCUE GUIDE
Info on Rescue Teams
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GKI Newsletter-Korea Prayer Initiative
GateKeepers International publishes a quarterly newsletter. In the fall newsletter, Tommi Femrite shared what God did in North and South Korea during the 2011 PINK Conference (Prayer Initiative for North Korea), making proclamations over these countries, declaring them "As One" nation. Rick Wood, one of 40 journalists allowed into North Korea, shares his photos. Now is the time to get a glimpse into the life of North Korea's. Pray and proclaim them "As One." Pray for the Church to arise and the international community to respond to the most oppressive and evil situation on earth! Scan the QR Codes and watch the videos.
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North Korea Human Right Is Not A Matter Of Concern
North Korea Human Right has now become the most important thing. Things are now changing in this country. With the help of many aid workers, people are now working towards the betterment of the local residents of the country. Kim Jong Un is one of the upcoming and strong leaders who have been working towards development of the country. On the other hand as per north Korean government, human rights are not a matter of concern.
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Annual Report on Human Rights - 2009
INFORME SOBRE LOS DERECHOS HUMANOS EN COLOMBIA, Annual Report On Human Rights, Conciencia y Derechos Humanos, Derechos Humanos en Colombia, Derechos Humanos en el Mundo, Human Righs, Human Rights 2009, Informe Mundial, Informes de Derechos Humanos
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9 LIVES Campaign
9 LIVES CAMPAIGNCommit $9 a month to provide an alternative to each of these lives.Your recurring donation will support LiNK’s underground shelters,provide assistance to resettled refugees, and help promote awarenessabout the North Korea crisis. We need YOUR help because this can’tbe done alone. Join us today and drop 9!
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2007 - 2008 Annual Report
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Realpolitik, May 2012
Realpolitik aims to examine the many tensions and contradictions that arise when one attempts to reconcile politics with some form of morality. Put another way; is realistic, pragmatic politics or realpolitik necessarily evil? Or on the other hand, is an moralistic, perhaps naïve idealpolitik desirable or even possible? Or could it be that politics almost always involves a necessary struggle between our ideals and our concrete social reality?
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2009 Annual Report
2009 LiNK Annual Report
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2010 LiNK Chapter Campaign Booklet
Learn more at
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