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What Helps or Hinders Nonprofit Developers in Reusing Vacant, Abandoned, and Contaminated Property?
Because nonprofit developers are such important actors in remaking abandoned areas of cities, they have a major role in the reuse vacant, abandoned, and contaminated property. This paper investigates what causes nonprofit developers to succeed or fail in reusing this land. The first section of the paper explains the design of the research. The sections that follow discuss findings on reuse of land by nonprofit developers in Cleveland and Detroit and the reasons for the differences in the two cities’ experiences. This study compares the experiences of nonprofit developers in Detroit and Cleveland, a useful comparison because indicators of demand for land are nearly identical, but nonprofit developers’ reuse of property is very different. The differences in the experiences of reuse of property can reveal institutional, legal, political, and social factors that affect reuse because the market is not the explanation.
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Nonprofit Services Brochure
Learn about Reznick Group's Nonprofit services.
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Arizona Resources for Nonprofit Capacity Building
What Is Nonprofit Capacity Building? Nonprofit capacity building refers to activities that improve and enhance a nonprofit organization’s ability to achieve its mission and sustain itself over time. Examples include: identifying a communications strategy; improving volunteer recruitment; learning about complex new IRS and state regulations; adopting new governance practices; identifying more efficient uses of technology; and engaging in collaborations with community partners. When capacity building is successful, it strengthens a nonprofit’s ability to fulfill its mission over time and enhances the organization’s ability to have a significant, positive impact on lives and communities.
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Nonprofit Management
UW-Milwaukee Nonprofit Management Workshops and Certificate Program
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Fact Sheet: Certificate in Nonprofit Management
Learn more about the Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management at Johns Hopkins University, Advanced Academic Programs.
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Virginia's Nonprofit Sector: Shaping the Economic, Cultural, and Social Landscape
Nonprofit Economic Data Bulletin Number 41 A joint report of the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies, The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia, and Virginia Commonwealth University
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Sandra Pfau Englund: Founder of Pfau Englund Nonprofit Law, PC, Alexandria, VA
All About Sandra Pfau Englund Founder Of Pfau Englund Nonprofit Law, PC, Alexandria, VA With Information About Legal Services, Legal Counsel, Nonprofit Groups, American Society Of Association Executives, Greater Washington Society Of Association Executives And More.
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Nonprofit Consulting: Tips and Tricks for Successful Email Fundraising
One of the hottest topics in nonprofit consulting is how to craft successful fundraising emails. With the competition being brutal for every contribution dollar, you need your message to reach and move your donors. To accomplish your goals, you must know everything there is to know about email fundraising. Visit us at or call 623-687-3908 for more information about Nonprofit Consulting.
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Hard Hit: Impact of the Economic Downturn on Nonprofit Community Social Services in Ontario
Hard Hit: The Impact of the Economic Downturn on Nonprofit Community Social Services in Ontario, a new research report from the Social Planning Network of Ontario (SPNO), documents the one-two punch affecting Ontario’s nonprofit community services – an increasing demand for services and lost revenue from funding cuts driven by the economic downturn.
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Mission Mirroring: Conflict in Nonprofit Organizations
This article presents a theory of conflict in nonprofit organizations.
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