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Brochure for non-violence studies
Uploaded by sportoghese on 09/23/2008
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Global Education Magazine 2
On January 30th, 1948, Mahatma Gandhi was murdered, and since 1964 the Day of Non-violence and Peace has been celebrated at schools from all over the world. This edition has the socio-psycho-pedagogic goal to promote the multidimensional resolution of all disputes. Welcome to Global Education Magazine! This is a consciousness raiser project founded to humanize educational activities by means of pedagogical efforts, which will definitely set the beat of peaceful melodies of the 21st century. Global Education Magazine is published by "Educar para Vivir" (Almansa, AB, Spain) with DMMDC (Salvador, BA, Brazil) partnership, and supported by the Regional Offices of Latin America and the Caribbean of UNESCO and UNHCR.
Uploaded by globaleducationmagazine on 01/29/2013
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general information about Non Violence Day
Uploaded by lourabadan on 06/14/2011
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Conversations with Leo Tolstoy
This is Tolstoy is his own words, drawn from his extensive books, essays and letters. Vegetarianism, marriage, non-violence, the military, death, God and sex are all on the agenda.
Uploaded by simonjenks on 04/06/2010
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The Kingdom of God is Within You
Tolstoy’s most significant work of non-fiction is a passionate defence of his position on non-violence. The book had a powerful infuence on Gandhi and informed his passive resistance first in South Africa and then India.
Uploaded by simonjenks on 04/06/2010
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Liberty Museum 2012 Glass Now! Auction catalog
Catalog of over 250 works of Contemporary Studio Glass, auctioned to support the National LIberty Museum's mission(s). Glass art is the centerpiece of the National Liberty Museum. It's the medium we use in our mission to promote non-violence and acceptance of others by showing visitors that freedom is "fragile"... like glass. Our rotating and permanent exhibits of glass art illustrate the strength and fragility of democracy, through the stories of those who have sacrificed for it. We support these efforts annually through an Auction Gala featuring glass artworks and jewelry by artists worldwide.
Uploaded by libertymuseum on 09/19/2012
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Dying Too Young
Addressing Premature Mortality and Ill Health Due to Non Communicable Diseases and Injuries in the Russian Federation explores the socioeconomic impact of a sharp rise in ailments such as heart disease, cancer, traffic injuries, alcohol poisoning, suicides, and violence. These non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are taking an insidious toll on Russian workers.
Uploaded by worldbank-russia on 12/29/2005
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biography of Angulimala who practice to end of violence turns to non-voilence
Uploaded by ntsepag on 04/24/2012
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Lokāyata: Journal of Positive Philosophy
Vol.III,No.01, March 2013
Uploaded by lokayata on 05/16/2013
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Lokāyata: Journal of Positive Philosophy
Vol.II, No.02, September,2012
Uploaded by lokayata on 10/09/2012
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