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An initiative to campaign for sustainable peace and development
WOREC is continuously advocating for peace and social justice through promotion of human rights, democracy and elimination of all kinds of violence, particularly, violence against women. WOREC has been working as a pool between people in the community to the policy making level and creating space to raise the voices of unheard and marginalized groups to be heard.
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Philip's Book Shelves
Resources to understand Kindness - Ahimsa
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Subtle Psyche Foresees a Bright Future in the 21st Century
Once, the arrogant god of passion thought of a prank. People were leading peaceful lives. They lived a life of hard work, affection and laughter. God of passion could not endure this and he thought of harassing them. Hence he spread his net of illusion. God of passion entered the minds of all and thus everyone oozed with innumerous desires. Previously people with their meager earnings live contented lives and the remaining time was used for world welfare. Thus everyone was happy. But when desires manifested people became agitated. They desired wealth, status etc. first these yearnings were less but when each one ran in that direction they started competing amongst themselves. Each one desired to march ahead and lead the race. Who will hoard more wealth, will enjoy more sense pleasures, who will boss more over others; competing thus people lost rationality and by hook or by crook wanted to succeed at any cost.
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Delia Smith's Basic Blockading
When you consider the number of people that regularly watch Countdown, or buy the Anglers Monthly, it's quite remarkable that direct action has such a relatively small following. What other activity combines the theatrical potential of being your own private investigator, with the sort of bonding experience execs pay hundreds for on paintballing weekends? What else so seamlessly unites the creation of silly costumes, the opportunity to wave to your mum on the telly and lots of healthy outdoor exercise?
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From Dictatorship to Democracy
Gene Sharp's book From Dictatorship to Democracy, a how-to guide for toppling dictators first published in 1993, has been translated into 24 different languages. From Burma to Bosnia, and more recently this February in Cairo's Tahrir Square, protesters distributed Sharp's 94-page manual as a guide for overthrowing autocrats. One of Sharp's main ideas is that "power comes from the obedience of the governed - and that if the sources of this obedience are undermined, tyrants can be toppled". Source:
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Compasito - Manual on human rights education for children (2008)
2 activity sheets extracted from Compasito to help children identify their rights, as defined in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The 42 practical activities of the manual serve to engage and motivate children aged 7 to 13 to recognise human rights issues in their own environment. They help children to develop critical thinking, responsibility and a sense of justice, and help them learn how to take action to contribute to the betterment of their school or community. The manual can be used in various formal and non-formal educational settings by teachers and educators. Council of Europe Publishing - ISBN 978-92-871-6369-1
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Tooftaa ittiin abbaa hirree kuffisan
A Book by Mr. Sharp.
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The Movement of India | Oct-Dec, 2009
A News Magazine of the National Alliance of People's Movements (NAPM)
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El reino de Dios esta en Ti (L. TOLSTOI.)
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Interrupters Community Resource Guide
Connecting viewers with community resources
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