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Resume - Jessica Goldsmith - Non-Profit Entry Level Research Analyst, San Diego, CA
Resume - Jessica Goldsmith - Entry Level office staff, researcher, data analyst in San Diego, CA. Recent UC San Diego graduate with experience as a research assistant at UCSD seeks full-time paid position in a non-profit. Background includes co-leading the student organization "Love the Homeless - UCSD," which involved arranging transportation, campus permits, budgets, and marketing for awareness raising events. Phi Beta Kappa
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Non-Profit Fundraising: Is Multi-Channel Worth the Hype?
Using multi-channels for non-profit fundraising is a trend not likely to change any time soon. And for good reason. As new communication vehicles and technologies surface, it makes sense non-profit organizations will stay ahead of the curve and use all the tools and resources available to them. Visit us at or call 623-687-3908 for more information about Non-Profit Fundraising.
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Non-profit organisations revised bill
The second June, 2012 revision of BVI's proposed non-profit legislation
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Non-profit organisations bill 2012
A draft of legislation regulating non-profit organisations
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Non-profit organisations revised bill
The June, 2012 revision of BVI's proposed non-profit legislation.
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2012 Profiles of Detroit Non-Profit Executives
Upwardly mobile and prepared non-profit executives with demonstrated leadership capability and capacity to lead.
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Business: Public Management and Non-Profit Organizations 2008 (UK)
Business: Public Management and Non-Profit Organizations 2008 Catalogue for European, Asian, African and Australian Markets from Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.
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2012 Detroit Non-Profit Executives
Bios and Resumes of Detroit Non-Profit Excutives with demonstrated leadership and
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A Value Menu for Your Non-Profit
Connecting with donors to improve their bottom lineā€¦ and yours. More and more restaurants are preparing a value menu for their customers. In the non-profit world we should be offering a value menu for key donors. With the Charitable IRA Rollover set to expire at the end of 2009, the last 30 days of December are a perfect time to bring the value menu to donors. Use the IRA Charitable Rollover as a newsworthy reason to contact donors, build a relationship and share your value menu.
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Cornerstone Non-Profit HR Solutions
Human resources solutions for non-profit organizations
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