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The Non Nonprofit
A top business leader shares the business principles he used tolaunch both a top company and a thriving nonprofit Nonprofit leaders know that solving pervasive social problemsrequires passion and creativity as well as tangible results. TheNon Nonprofit shares the same business principles that drivethe world's best companies, showing how they can (and should) beapplied to the realm of nonprofits. Steve Rothschild personallycrossed sectors when he left corporate America to found Twin CitiesRISE!, a highly successful poverty reduction program. His honeststory, and success and missteps, create an essential roadmap forany social venture looking to prove and boost its impact. Distills essential nonprofit principles such as having a clearand appropriate purpose, creating economic value from socialbenefit, and establishing mutual accountability Shares successful approaches from innovative organizations suchas Grameen Bank, Playworks, Common Ground, Habitat for Humanity,Lumni, Caring Bridge, College Summit and RISE! Draws from the author's success in founding and building TwinCities RISE!, which trains unemployed Minnesotans for living wagejobs. RISE! serves 1,500 participants each year As insightful as it is inspiring, The Non Nonprofit canhelp maximize the positive impact of any nonprofit.
Published by John Wiley & Sons on 01/11/2012
Book details: 256 pages.

Managing the Non-Profit Organization
A Drucker management classic, first published in 1990, which breaks down any narrow definition of management and is aimed specifically at decision-makers and managers working in non-profit making and charitable organizations to help them apply the principles of good management to their sector. Drawing from the American experience, Drucker poignantly illustrates his discussion of management by quoting his in-depth interviews with top executives from non-profit making organizations. The issues of mission, performance, people and relationships, leadership and developing managers are eloquently discussed and Drucker provides Action Implications throughout the book which are of practical importance to the reader.
Published by Routledge on 10/12/2012
Book details: 192 pages.

Starting and Running a Non Profit Made Easy
The guide that helps you help others If you want to spend less time worrying about making ends meet and more time focusing on your nonprofit's mission, this is the book for you! We'll show you how to stay financially solvent by applying traditional business planning to the unique challenges of a nonprofit. This practical, easy-to-use guide: Enhances fundraising efforts and provides the hard numbers and measured outcomes your donors want to see Minimizes overhead and maximizes funds for your primary mission Extensive checklists, forms and work sheets make the business side a breeze so you can improve your organization and fulfill your mission.
Published by Entrepreneur Press on 10/30/2006
Book details: 193 pages.

Marketing for the Non-Profit Sector
Published by Macmillan International Higher Education on 11/11/1992
Book details: 208 pages.

Implementing New Business Models in For-Profit and Non-Profit Organizations: Technologies and Applications
As technology continues to evolve, existing business models become limited with respect to complexity and speed. Accordingly, significant transformation has shaped the economy and business environments in recent decades. Implementing New Business Models in For-Profit and Non-Profit Organizations: Technologies and Applications provides relevant theoretical frameworks and the latest empirical research findings on a new platform of business models and then explores the relationship between the new Business 2.0 alliance and Web 2.0.
Author: Chen, Te Fu
Published by IGI Global on 12/31/2010
Book details: 396 pages.

Measuring the Networked Nonprofit
The tools nonprofits need to measure the impact of their socialmedia Having a social media measurement plan and approach can nolonger be an after-thought. It is a requirement of success. Asnonprofits refine their social media practice, their boards areexpecting reports showing results. As funders provide dollars tosupport programs that include social media, they too want to seeresults. This book offers the tools and strategies needed fornonprofits that need reliable and measurable data from their socialmedia efforts. Using these tools will not only improve anonprofit?s decision making process but will produce results-drivenmetrics for staff and stakeholders. A hands-on resource for nonprofit professionals who must beable to accurately measure the results of their social mediaventures Written by popular nonprofit blogger Beth Kanter andmeasurement expert Katie Delahaye Paine Filled with tools, strategies, and illustrative examples thatare highly accessible for nonprofit professionals This important resource will give savvy nonprofit professionalsthe information needed to produce measurable results for theirsocial media.
Published by John Wiley & Sons on 10/05/2012
Book details: 336 pages.

Local Economic and Employment Development The Non-profit Sector in a Changing Economy
This publication offers a comprehensive and ground-breaking assessment of the new trends in the field of non-profit sector studies.
Author: OECD
Published by OECD Publishing on 05/05/2003
Book details: 340 pages.

Managing Human Behavior in Public and Nonprofit Organizations
The only text in management and organizational behavior to focus on public organizations, nonprofit organizations, and school systems, Managing Human Behavior in Public and Nonprofit Organizations fosters competency in critical management and leadership skills including communication, motivation, teamwork, group dynamics, and decision-making. Cases, self-assessment exercises, simulations, and evaluative instruments provide students the opportunity to experience the applied side of theories and to learn both cognitively and experientially. The Third Edition covers recent developments in the field including the emergence of "positive organizational behavior."
Published by SAGE on 04/10/2012
Book details: 525 pages.

Productivity in Public and Non Profit Organizations
This book provides an overview and assessment of state-of-the-art strategies for performance and productivity in public and non-profit organizations. It is research-based and draws on real cases. Topics include: rationales for productivity and performance improvement; evolution of productivity improvement; strategies for implementing improvement; analytical tools; strategic planning; organizational information technologies; TQM; benchmarking; partnering; re-engineering; project management strategies; and people-based productivity improvement strategies.
Published by SAGE on 03/10/1998
Book details: 297 pages.

Strategic Management for Voluntary Nonprofit Organizations
The voluntary nonprofit sector is now involved in all aspects of people's lives. The management of such organizations has never been of more interest than it is now, and the sector as a whole is in a period of great change. Well-meaning amateurs are being replaced by highly committed and professional leaders, and one in every six employees in the service sector is now working in the voluntary sector. In this shifting climate, this enlightening book questions whether voluntary organizations should now be more business-like. Helpful features of the text include: * chapter introduction and summaries * boxed features (including examples of mission statements, value statements and the strategy planning pyramid) * detailed case-studies of nonprofit organizations (covering strategic issues, strategic planning processes and examples of the use of particular techniques) * review and discussion questions * extensive bibliography. Presenting a unique insight into the theory and practice of strategic management for voluntary nonprofit organizations, this book will be of great interest to both practitioners and students of voluntary sector management.
Published by Psychology Press on 01/01/2002
Book details: 324 pages.
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